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    Guys wearing pearls?

    Drugs, mental illness, or both
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    Finally it's taken years to get someone to watch Odyssey
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    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    People talk shit but Let It Be is a great album.
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    re: Children,... .when Pauls kid stomps on the ground to call a Worm? ... that's badass.
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    absolutely I even made sure to find the subtitles for all of them. Looking forward to watching them again. Remember they're 20 years old so the CGI is dated, but they're good.
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    Syfy mini-series (Dune and Children of Dune) for those needing more Dune after seeing the new movie
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    They're after Dave Chappelle again.

    bright colors is how nature warns you the animal is poisonous and to stay away from them.
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    They're after Dave Chappelle again.

    That dude is pretty ugly, and angry looking. Must've gotten picked on a lot growing up,.. for being an ugly dude.
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    Crew Member Killed by Prop Gun Fired by Alec Baldwin

    =AZVgNZii8uL66d_bwvc2_EEdOBZtCl1_6vvOfcz5VQSgCBWYsUYxiHZBeSpr3rKGKOOL6Ln86SZnmKylRZuKuGB_ixFCk7CZXV63W6Nhxsz9otuWO5GWkplURXi3URJO0ZE&__tn__=-]C%2CP-R']Serge Svetnoy My vision of the RUST tragedy I have received hundreds of calls, text messages, letters with words of support and condolences...
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    “Dune” Reboot/Remake

    One of my Sisters and her BF watched it this weekend then I spent like an hour on the phone with her explaining it. Because they had no idea what they saw. But they liked it. Turns out the Syfy mini-series is actually on Youtube so she's going to watch that this week. Sounds like the movie...
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    If you liked that one I can highly recommend this one.. It's in that same style of Supernatural-Drama,... of course there's a love story there almost always is. But in KDrama they tend to be very drawn out and almost (sweet?),... it's about actual feelings and not just jumping into bed with...
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    Yeah I just started 2, I'm still in the graveyard. Kiwami Kiryu just got pulled back into the life and Haruka just said she can go chill at the orphanage while Kiryu goes back to beating some ass. :laugh2: I'm liking the new Villain's so far.
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    Do you change your own strings?

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    Crew Member Killed by Prop Gun Fired by Alec Baldwin

    People saying Baldwin should've checked and cleared the gun upon it being handed to him? I'd bet money he has no idea how to do that. He's anti gun and probably has zero experience actually handling a weapon. ... like most Hollywood celebritards. And some saying it was a blank and not a live...
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    RIP James Michael Tyler aka Gunther (Friends)

    fucking cancer :mad:

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