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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    3 six strings electrics 1 7 string 1 bass 1 acoustic Plus 1 I need to sell So 7
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    NGD- Dave Mustaine Flying V EXP

    Looks awesome! I love the neck, and I didn't realize it was 25.5" scale
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    Gibson Midtown Standard Pelham Blue

    Feel free to make an offer!
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    Gibson Midtown Standard Pelham Blue

    Thank you!
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    1969 Gibson SG - in beat to hell finish

    Congrats, looks like a killer, a true classic
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    24 frets? Weird!

    I love my 24 fret PRS, one of the main reasons I went with a Custom and not a McCarty. I don't notice much of any difference, and the scale length is a little longer than my Gibson styled guitars too. I'd love a firebird or an Explorer again, sometimes LPs feel a little cramped to me
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    Gibson Midtown Standard Pelham Blue

    Here I have a 2015 Gibson Midtown Standard in Pelham Blue! Features Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups Mahogany body with Maple top Mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard. 60's neck profile Plays and sounds great, in between a Les Paul and a semi-hollow. There is some finish checking on the back of...
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    What's your favorite Zebra

    I think I like it better creme black creme black. You'll probably get more responses if you post in the Gibson Les Pauls section. Don't over think it
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    Slash Standard body and parts fun

    Wow does that look incredible! Congrats and great job putting it together!
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    NGD!!! Gibson SG Custom Shop M2M

    Beautiful guitar, congrats!
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    Signature Models

    I like signature guitars. They bring features that often are not available stock otherwise. I have a Brent Hinds Epiphone Flying V. I'm not aware of any other silverburst flying V custom that Epiphone made. Without the signature model I wouldn't have been able to get the guitar I wanted...
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    Incoming Les Paul Modern Faded Pelham Blue

    Man these look sweet! Glad to see the carved neck heel, good tuners, and coil splits! If I needed a Les Paul I'd really look at Epiphone this time. I have a 2017 Flying V and it's a spectacular guitar
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    NGD: Killer Classic!

    Looks good! I love the contrast from the back and sides to the top. Cool color, nice set up you have there.
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    Gibson Les Paul Floyd Rose Kolev Pickups

    Beautiful guitar man, sweet top and it's cool to see the floyd on it. Does it have the axcess heel carve?
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    Opinions on the top on my fav Les Paul

    I think it looks great. If you want to refinish the top go ahead but idk how much it would hide that spot. Personally I wouldn't cover that with a solid color

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