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    I don’t own a turntable but after finding this LP I might need one

    Maybe if you're lucky you can get a copy of this
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    Explanation For Finish Peeling on Murphy Lab LPs

    I keep reading the OP as Peeing On Murphy Lab :rofl:
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    Is Dave Grohl the new Jon Bon Jovi (circa 1989)?

    Bon Jovis was NEVER as cool or interesting or as entertaining as Dave. Dave Grohl and Sammy Hagar need to get together for a party and see what comes of it. :jam:
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    New GnR - Hard Skool

    The song was initially written during the Chinese Democracy sessions, and had the working title of "Jackie Chan".[3] A 20 second snippet was leaked as "Checkmate" in 2006. The full version, recorded from 1999-2001, leaked online in 2019.[4] The song was soundchecked on the Guns N' Roses 2020...
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    Must-own vinyl

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    I got too much shit

    How much fun would that have been :headbanger:
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    I got too much shit

    First you find a really long, straight, hill. Then fill the inside rim with . . . say . . . some gasoline. Light the gas and send her flying down the hill. /purple (right :dunno: )
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    I got too much shit

    Real bad IBS day for me :(
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    I got too much shit

    My work. We are working on container # 7 !!!!
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    Do i only need 3?

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    My pups are stamped "E"...what are they?

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    Looking for $ value on this Epi Custom

    I'd do it for free. Even if only to "accidently" trip and drop it around a group of people.. Then watch everyone's eyes and gasps. :cool2: Hell. It may even prove to be a player.
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    Looking for $ value on this Epi Custom

    That neck reminds me of a little hangnail I had awhile back
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    How Do You Insure Your Guitar Collection?

    I'd rather not have to go through the hassle of insurance. When strangers start paying too much attention to my stuff I just look back at them like this
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    Windows 11

    I've used Windows since the days of floppy disks. I hate Win10. Every 4th or 5th day or so it dimes out my hard drive downloading some update or another lagging the computer down. And it does this on every computer in the office. Just not always at the same time. I have adjusted the update...

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