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    Need some advice with OD pedal choice with Fuzz Face

    24v Hudson broadcast is SENSATIONAL after a sunface/fuzzface
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    NGD (kind of) - Pearly Gates HM RDS with ORIGINAL 1957 Les Paul PAFs (pre-sticker, steel covers!)

    Lovely guitar....I agree on the paf front. There is a difference
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    Nice TPL + magnet combo for re-winding a 1961 P90?

    Very true...makes me chuckle when I see people taking long mags out old p90s and sticking them in a PAF clone. I've done it, they don't sound the same because they are audibly much weaker after the degaussing
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    Nice TPL + magnet combo for re-winding a 1961 P90?

    The old bridge p90 in my goldtop was pretty underpowered compared to the neck. I'm a player not a collector, so I put the old magnets in a draw and tried more or less the full range from throbak. Tonally and in terms of evening out output with the neck, the a4 was my favourite
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    The "Golden Queen" of my collection: 1954 Goldtop "Lucky", a very "famous" Goldtop

    I had forgotten what excellent general nick it was in. Very nice
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    The "Golden Queen" of my collection: 1954 Goldtop "Lucky", a very "famous" Goldtop

    It's a cracking guitar that one. Lucky you to now be it's custodian. My TM 54 is a copy of that one and i play it almost every day :)
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    Best repro nickel PU covers?

    I can't tell bareknuckle or otpg from the originals when side by side. But otpg are impossible to find and bareknuckle don't sell theirs independently. Can't speak for the other options as haven't seen them
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    When do you STOP? (Conversion question)

    Lol. I loved my full-tone tube tape echo and it never let me down. Used to give it about 10 mins maintenance a month, so that wasn't the deal breaker for was just the hassle of lugging it to gigs that I got tired of. Together the Kingsley serf and Dunlop echoplex pedal get my 95% of the...
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    Two Sets of Vintage PAFs Compared

    I agree with you that the best tones are the more subtle ones...I rarely have the volume on 10 in practice. Same amp in both clips below - a matamp series 3000 - but different cabs. The first is a 1x12 with a JBL clone, and the second a vertical 2x12 with a Fane Crescendo clone and a Celestion...
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    When do you STOP? (Conversion question)

    On the pots front Liam, if they are behaving weirdly, I've been able to sort it with the following on two. They've functioned PERFECTLY the years since without a single crackle or inconsistency of taper. I'm constantly adjusting them also so they get more use than most. Prior to that I had...
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    When do you STOP? (Conversion question)

    The bridge in my goldtop is a long mag. It sounds great, but then so do my short mags, so who knows! I wouldn't say one is better than the other in my experience to date. There were also some short mags in a few 59s apparently, like the Mick Taylor burst. According to throbak pickups at least...
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    When do you STOP? (Conversion question)

    So true in my experience also
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    When do you STOP? (Conversion question)

    I've gone old pickups and pots, which are where I hear the main differences Vs good repros. I don't hear anything in the bees Vs luxe to be honest. Hardware granted I haven't a/b compared with originals but I'm very happy with pigtail
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    I hate my Katana. Recommend me something else.

    Easy. Decent tube amp a pedal or two for low volume playing

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