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    SG's with Vibrola

    If you don't use the Vibrola, will it still have tuning issues? I don't on really using it but I like the look.
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    I can't see the pics?
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    SG's with Vibrola

    Any tuning issues? I like the look but i've hated guitars with floyd roses as they never seem in tune.
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    SG's with Vibrola

    I'm looking into an SG and one model i'm considering is the one with a vibrola. I've never played one with a vibrola, does it make the strumming feel different? I like the firm feel of strumming a normal SG or LP. I've played one Bigbsy 335 and it felt really floppy when strumming. How does...
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    FS:. Gibson Slash Les Paul Appetite Burst

    Up for sale is Gibson LP Slash in Appetite Burst. $2799 shipped Conus. Paid via PayPal friends and family or regular PayPal and the buyer pays the fee.
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    Playing a Firebird

    I've never been able to find a Firebird to play, are there weird things about this model? I know people have said it's huge, but is it bigger than an explorer? Does it have neck dive that some have complained about the SG"s? Anything else?
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    Floyd Rose into a Hardtail?

    I'll try getting a Tremel No and see what happens.
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    Floyd Rose into a Hardtail?

    When you guys say it stays in tune for a long period of time, how long are you talking about. Mine goes out of tune if I leave it out for an hour after playing. It also goes out of tune while i'm playing it, and i'm not even using the whammy bar.
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    Floyd Rose into a Hardtail?

    I have a Jackson Soloist that has a Floyd Rose. They are just such a pain in the butt to deal with. What are my options? Can I block the tree and then not use the locking tuners? What are my options?
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    Changing out Hardware

    These are Gibson Les Paul Customs, I think I better take it to a luthier. Thanks.
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    Changing out Hardware

    You're probably right about that, lol. So you can just swap out the pickup cover without replacing the pickup?
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    Changing out Hardware

    I have a few LP's that have gold hardware, I'd like to change the gold out to chrome or nickel. How hard of a job is that, can you do it your self or does a luthier need to do it? What kind of cost would I be looking at?
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom Heritage Cherry

    Gorgeous LP Custom for sale, ,mint condition, hardly played. $4,099 shipped, PayPal friends and family. Regular PayPal is fine but you'll need to cover the fee.
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    Is Gibson Still don Made 2 Measure?

    Is pricing way higher than buying a stock one? What do dealers require, do you have to pay half up front?

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