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    Best way to purchase new les Paul

    Every few days Guitar Center runs a 15% off coupon, or will match another retialer's coupon. Although the coupon say's Gibsons are excluded - at the store they will honor it.
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    2015 Traditional help

    I've had a couple pass through - all very nice, and great players.
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    2015 Traditional help

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    2015 Traditional help

    There were Japan Export models with Flame Tops and 60s necks in 2014 and IIRC also 2015. I own a 2014. 3 Tops grades were offered. This is a SW ad for the model:
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    2015 Traditional help

    Any Pics? Frets over Binding?
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    Not a VanHagar fan, but Sammy seems cool

    There were some good times back in the day.... at one time EVH and SH worked well together.
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    2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Help With Info

    The neck carve is the only acid test to differentiate a Sprint Run from a regular 2015. Visually they appear the same. That said - When Gibson was sending reps to the stores to strip the G-Force systems, the replacement tuners were Grovers. While possible someone along the lines just added...
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    2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional - Help With Info

    The Sprint Run had all the markings of the 2015 Traditional except the Neck Carve and the G-Force. They have the Les Paul Scrawl 100, Hologram, Frets over Binding, Notched Speed Knobs, 59 Tributes and removable Pick Guard. I've been romancing this one for the last few weeks - converted over to...
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    Kiss News: Thayer Out, Ace Back In! High Drama!

    It's a ploy to divert attention from the vocal lip syncing....