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    Took my inherited 75-76 Les Paul Deluxe Blue Sparkle to get appraised, what can I expect?

    I really like metal flake. I love my Gretsch Silver Jet. This is, bar none, my favourite looking LP.
  2. Just.Sean

    NGD: Les Paul Pro Deluxe 1980

    Really nice pro. Congrats. Man, I want more Norlins.
  3. Just.Sean

    How much does your Norlin weigh?

    My 1980 Deluxe weighs in at 10lbs even. It is the heaviest guitar I own. Its also my favourite.
  4. Just.Sean

    Dot over ”i” on Gibson logo

    if you have misplaced your Dot, you can head on over to Dots, for a new one.
  5. Just.Sean

    New Les Paul

    Badass guitar. Welcome.
  6. Just.Sean

    Dot over ”i” on Gibson logo

    If you decide you don’t care for the sound with the dot. Remove it. Carefully. But, keep it in the case, so you can reverse the mod, should you decide to sell.
  7. Just.Sean

    The totally subjective, opinion based, best woman singer/performer on the planet...

    Exene. Siouxsie Sioux Stevie Nicks. Debbie Harry Lucinda Williams. Too many to narrow down to just one.
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    NGD Goldie...

    Gotta love a gold top. I mean, fuck, it’s gold!
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    Belated NGD 80 Deluxe

    “Holy Jesus! What is that? What the f-ck is that?! What is that, Pvt. Pyle?!” “Sir, a jelly doughnut, sir!” “A jelly doughnut?”
  10. Just.Sean

    FNG just one Les Paul

    Nice. P90s and minis. welcome.
  11. Just.Sean

    Dot over ”i” on Gibson logo

    I heard the absence of a dot negatively effects the tone.
  12. Just.Sean

    Belated NGD 80 Deluxe

    Me too. I didn’t set out specifically for a Norlin Era, but after learning about their attributes, maple neck, volute, routing for P90s, they really became the focus of my hunt. The more I looked and tried others, the more I knew I wouldn’t be completely satisfied until I found the right...
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    Belated NGD 80 Deluxe

    Love that stank!
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    Belated NGD 80 Deluxe

    Hey all. This is my first post outside of the ‘introductions’ page. After a couple of years, on and off, of looking around for a Gibson Les Paul. Last week I finally found it. While searching, I had a couple of close calls. Even bought one, a 2018 Classic with P90s, and returned it. When I went...
  15. Just.Sean

    Hey, Greetings from Ontario

    I’m in. See you Friday.

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