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    FS: SOLD

    Cab sold
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    Hm, I bought it from zakmichael and then sold it locally about a year later. I asked my local buyer to give me first dibs if he ever sold it... this is the first I'm hearing it's changed hands. Shame, I liked that guitar.
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    FS/FT: ENGL Powerball II, like new/mint, 2/5 price drop

    Pristine condition ENGL Powerball II. Still have the original shipping box and paperwork. I will include the Z9 footswitch too. I'm pretty sure this is a 2017 model, and I'll run the serial number if you want to know for sure. This is my favorite ENGL I've played by far, but I have too many amps...
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    WTB: WB Habanero (or Firewater, or any WB probably)

    Looking for bridges specifically, but let me know what you have.
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    '85 LP Custom Info

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I checked it out earlier today. Up close, the thing was quite a bit more beat than I realized (quite a number of noticeable dings). Add that to the fact that GC offered me a joke amount for the item I was going to trade in, and I decided to pass. I got to play...
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    '85 LP Custom Info

    Was directed from the main forum here. Didn't realize Norlin ended in '86! Anyway: Walked into GC on a whim earlier, and an '85 LP Custom caught my eye since I've been looking to get a new custom for a while. They were about to close and it was on the top rung so I said I'd come back tomorrow...

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