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  • Greetings! Hope you don't mind me messaging you. I was looking through old threads, looking for information regarding builders who are producing good 59 burst replicas, and found where you'd replied to the gentleman who posted "Who makes the most accurate 59 Burst Replica Les Paul?" Now, I can be quite thick, but I'm guessing that you are a builder?

    Thank you, for your time and your thoughts!

    I don't know if you have a luthier shop or just doing private projects. I saw the 53 LP you're working on, and wondering if you do Les Paul work for the public? I have a 53 with a trapeze that needs a wrap around or perhaps a neck reset for an abr. If you do that kind of work I would like to get a price from you.

    Thanks, Jared
    Hi ,
    Conversions are stunning. Talented guy. Thanks for the pics
    I'm looking at replacing the original Humbuckers in a 69 LP. I'm not an expert but Id like to try to remove the p90s which have been fitted without routing and put back original mini HB's.
    Can you tell me where you get the metal spacer bars which sit in the cavities and the original pups are screwed into them(sorry don't know what they're called)
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