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    Charity Raffle for Jeff Beck Artist Stratocaster - Tickets only $10

    im in what the hell two tix for the win!!!!! :rofl: i can win two strats right? :hmm:
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    Celebrities - WTF do we care about what your reaction is?

    you have not figured out the game?.. the only people that would want to hear what so called celebs opinion is are total moron lemmings the media wants to attract and then direct toward normal people to make you think everyone thinks that way..... brought to you and heavily influenced by the...
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    Anyone Else Just Fine With Only One Les Paul?

    ...............:rofl: ok really.... whats the punch line? oh wait.... you are serious :hmm: i wont lie there are days that i question why i have too many guitars but i deal with it and just say screw it....why ? cuz i can.. not a brag post i wish i could be happy with one....but then...
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    Anyone buy parts from '59 Parts in Poland?

    i think owner Mical is a member here...he said to see if they show up this weekend......tracking stops in Poland and usps takes over but nothing from USPS, i dont know why he would not use USPS tracking.... not worried really but i would like to have them soon...small project
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    Anyone buy parts from '59 Parts in Poland?

    wonder how long it takes for shipping into the southeast of USA...i ordered some knobs and its been a month and have not seen them....sort of ridiculous really, maybe i am wrong :dunno:
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    Relic: 1990 Gibson LP Standard

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    Greetings from Poland!

    Hey Michal....i know this is an old post...i am wondering how long it takes to get your parts from Poland to the USA Anyone buy anything from him in Poland and have it shipped to USA?
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    PSA. 2013 R8 flame top for $2,600

    i wish mods would start enforcing the rules here, they are slacking off and we suffer, what are we paying them for??? we all know rule number two... "no feet or toes with be permitted in ANY pic of any guitar, violators who continue to abuse this will be perma banned". i dont care if its Dr...
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    I argued with a woman tonight

    no, rule one is correct......i want her to know why i am listening to her :wow: i dont want to lie to her...or beat around the bush...oh wait, yeah that 's it
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    Little Debbie snack cakes

    those snacks create an addiction worse than crack.... i buy one box and they are gone within 1 hour i used to try and kid myself and just eat one or two... then i told myself " who was i trying to kid?" so now i just say screw it eat the whole dam box and try not to buy more for a month or...
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    Whose signature is this?

    mystery solved
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    The Masters

    guess i finally collect on my beer bet....thanks tiger congrats :cheers::beer:
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    PSA. 2013 R8 flame top for $2,600

    i was all set to pull the trigger until i saw ugly ass toes in his pics.... will lowball him at $2k for posting toes.... glws :yesway:
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    Steinberger Gearless Tuners?

    no mine are the older model but i would bet there are instructions somewhere on how to fix that.... get the allen wrench out, loosen then find the flat spot, tighten...thats it these here you go....
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    What’s she got against Easter?

    i think the one in pink woke up with me on the front lawn of a batchelor party one Sunday morning while the neighbors were driving to church...i never forget the look of the kids in the back seat with their noses pressed against the window eyes wide open!....:wow::rofl: