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    How will you spend your next stimulus check?

    I’m going to the doctor and am asking him to stick his finger up Steve’s ass money well spent
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    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    Now the triggered are going to be re-triggered Hard to believe a potato toy could break the world:lol: I swear if all this lunacy continues I’m going to join them and go bang Rosie
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    When Eddie Van Halen Played On That Jackson 5 Song

    Oh man that was good
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    Found this at a garage sale.

    Holy mackerel!
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    When Eddie Van Halen Played on that Steely Dan Song

    I think it would have sounded like it was forced, the dude was a genius but I don’t see his tone jiving with SD
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    Fowl play at Cockfight

    Sounds kind of poultry to me
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    I agree with you, I know a lot of 24 fret players that don’t like les Paul’s for that reason, if they want 24 they should buy a prophecy I don’t stay away from them because they don’t sound like a les Paul, that to me would be ridiculous. If I want a les Paul sound I’m buying a les Paul
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    NPD: New Puppy Day

    Oh man, what a cutie!
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    First is the feel of them, the necks are sticky to me, now I’ve never done the 4000 grit to one but they’re very sticky. The body also feels really weird too, I’m not sure if it’s because it’s thinner than a les Paul or if it’s the carve of the body but it just doesn’t feel comfortable. Then...
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    They feel sterile :lol: They are beautiful but I’ve yet to fine one I can get attached too
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    Sad Day - Said Goodbye to my Hotrod

    Sad day indeed man, letting go of that baby has to hurt
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    What a BOSS!!

    I probably would, meat dress and all
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    God damn cancer

    That’s terrible news man, my heart hurts for all of you.
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    Training video regarding "unconscience bias"...

    The professor and the madman, very good movie
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    Training video regarding "unconscience bias"...

    I recently watched a movie about the dictionary with Sean Penn, it was truly a great film but he was flicking nuts in it

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