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    New fly rig: MXR EVH 5150 + MXR Micro Chorus.

    The 5150 OD is one of the best pedals I've ever bought. Fantastic sound, like you said, from subtle OD to raging metal. It's one of my "keeper" pedals I will never get rid of!
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    Marshall Code 25 speaker change.

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    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    My Christmas present from my wife!
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    My NGD Thayer "Electric Blue" Les Paul

    Thanks to my Wonderful Wife, I was able to actually find and buy this new Thayer Electric Blue Les Paul! She wound up giving me a very generous Sam Ash Gift Card as a Christmas present. So, being that I wanted something special, and being a very big KISS fan since almost the beginning, it was...
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    New Marshall Day - 5010 Master Lead Combo

    Hey, great amp. I still have mine I bought brand new from Sam Ash in Hempstead back in 1984. A few things i'd like to say about what you commented about your amp. First off, that back panel that you think is missing is there. The shorter top back panel on mine is mounted up higher (where those...
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    NGD: Ace Frehley Signature - TRANS BLACK!

    Did the pickguard come on it originally? I remember seeing them when they came out but I don't ever remember it with a pickguard on. I may be wrong though. Still awesome guitar!
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    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    Thank you for the info on the tuners. As for the TRC I got it from "guitarupgrade" on eBay.
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    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    PhilDog...Thanks very much, I will make a copy and keep it for the future!
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    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    I found it on eBay.
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    When customization goes wrong

    I think, if I somehow got that guitar, I would take out that single coil and have it routed for a 3rd humbucker. Judging by the location of the screw holes, putting in the third one would cover over most of the damage and with a new pickguard, there would be only one screw hole visible. It could...
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    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    Thanks all for the nice compliments! I just wired it up stock like it came.
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    My new Ace Frehley Project Les Paul

    Hello all, I finally have the guitar I've wanted for the past 37 years or so. Since I was a kid of 17, (I'm 54 now!) I've always wanted Ace's Black 3 Pickup Les Paul Custom. Seeing I was never going to be able to afford a real one (wife, 2 kids in college and a mortgage prevent me from spending...
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    Slash pickup set

    I put them in an Epi LP Standard and I love them. I researched them and read differing opinions but figured I'd give them a shot and I am super glad I did. Like it was said in an earlier post, the neck pickup sounds amazing. No mud at all. The bridge is hotter than I thought it would be so I am...
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    My Special II!

    I'm sure it was made wider because of the 2 dots on that fret. It has to cover them both or you will see the sides of those dots. Just leave it the way it is. It looks fine.
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    Amber/Brown Plastics?

    I don't see brown here, but this place has lots of different color plastics. Humbucker Mounting Rings

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