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    SOLD: OX4 Pickups Beano Set (Never Installed) $250

    I have a set of OX4 Beanos here, this is an aged set, A3 magnets. This was an extra set I ordered and never installed, kept it untouched with all the original packaging included. Trying to move these to grab a pedal I've been wanting for some time now. Neck reads 7.5 ohms, bridge 8.2 ohms...
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    NGD: Standard 60's Lemon Burst AAA

    Unreal, what a beautiful top, that's one of the best I've seen out of this whole run. Congrats man, enjoy!
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    1979 Greco EG600PR?

    Beautiful guitar, congrats!! How do you like her so far?
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    1979 Greco EG600PR?

    Exactly! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. But yep, the UDs are ceramic pickups; they're really great ones though. I definitely prefer them to Super Distortions or Gibson 490/498s for example. Also, I've heard of some people swapping in Alnico 2/3/5 magnets in for a bit of a different...
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    1979 Greco EG600PR?

    Hard to say, I don't know if these ones had veneers; it's a plain top so I'd lean towards no but I can't confirm that one unfortunately. Pickups are the right ones though, and better these ones than the DiMarzios. I really like the Greco/Maxon humbuckers. But I think you'll love it! I'm no fan...
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    1979 Greco EG600PR?

    The 600s are chambered, but that honestly doesn't detract from the guitar at all. I had one of the Peter Frampton EG-600s and it was still a really solid feeling, awesome guitar. Sounded great too, the pickups were spectacular. It's one of the better Les Pauls I'd ever had.
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    2011 Black Beauty 3-PU '60 Reissue

    Too cool. What an awesome guitar. Interesting that there are so many Japan only runs, I had no idea as to the extent of these. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for one to pop up, ideally a '60 with a stoptail if I can find one.
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    2011 Black Beauty 3-PU '60 Reissue

    Awesome. Definitely wanting to look into these, I borrowed my friend's '57 BB for a bit and the neck was just too big; otherwise I loved the guitar. Seems like these would be the perfect option for neck profile with that same full mahogany body 50's Custom sound.
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    2011 Black Beauty 3-PU '60 Reissue

    Interesting, sounds like this would've been a run in really small numbers if only a few have popped up in basically the last decade. Is there any way I could confirm or get more info? Really curious about these.
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    2011 Black Beauty 3-PU '60 Reissue

    Hey all, I was looking at some triple pickup '60 reissue black beauties today, when I somehow came across this sold listing on Reverb: I was really intrigued by...
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    3 Pickup LP Variants

    Thank you! I'd gotten it (relatively) cheap on Craigslist a year back and ended up flipping it some time ago. I gig/do fill in and occasional session work in my spare time and didn't want to see the Budokan get beat to hell. It's now in the hands of a KISS megafan and collector, which...
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    1999 R7 Black Beauty Neck Profile

    Hey all, I've been in contact with a guy who has a 1999 R7 Black Beauty he's considering trading me for my R0 and some cash; he's a bit too far off for me to go just to test it out, if I make the drive it's going to have to be more or less a sure thing. I've only had a chance to play an R7 in...
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    NGD. R0. Not sure year

    Awesome! Love the Orange Lemon color finish, that's my favorite of all of them. Congrats!
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    2021 Wizz Pickups

    Which ones did you get? The Premium PAF or some of the Artist sets? Looking at these myself.
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    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    1. '59 or '60 neck/specs Les Paul with PAF or PAF style pickups 2. EDS-1275 (hopefully it's not cheating, two guitars in one basically) 3. Firebird with P90s tuned a half step down This would cover pretty much everything I play. The vintage style LP needs no explanation. 12 string neck on the...

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