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    Original P.A.F

    couldn’t have said it better myself
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    Most accurate looking reissue?

    It’s not gonna be an old guitar regardless. The guitars the custom shop have been putting out since 13-14 thru now all are very close with a couple small changes. Plastics and pickup covers.
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    '56/'57 Conversion

    Would most definitely have to have that bridge put in the right place. It’s not close.
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    Pure Kossoff

    Solo sounds like a super reverb cranked
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    Hendrix and a Les paul?? What did we miss

    had he lived ... he was definitely using Gibson stuff more toward the end of his career. Would love to have gotten to hear more. What a loss.
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    '67 SG Standard ABR bridge Facing the Wrong Way?

    Every now and then I’ve seen them put on backwards from the factory. But the correct way is most certainly screws facing the pups.
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    NGD 1967 Standard.

    Killer sounding guitar. Every screw original.
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    Ace Frehley rocking a Reissue

    But good for them. Bring the talent level down as far as humanly possible and sell a trillion records. Who wouldn't envy that.
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    Ace Frehley rocking a Reissue

    Kiss sucked and so does he. In his prime his live playing was horrid. The day they painted those stupid ass faces on rock and roll died a little. And it has died ever since. It's alright to not have ability or not give a ****. It's not alright to get rich doin it.
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    NGD Les Paul Custom '71

    No. But it doesn't matter. Awesome axe bro.
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    R.I.P. Ralph Stanley

    Respect boys.
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    "Clean, untouched" 1960 'Burst at Capsule Music, Toronto

    How is it that these **** sticks who pass these off never get outed????????????????????
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    What year is this Custom?

    By the last 3 inlays definitely after 71 as goldtop said
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    What year is this Custom?

    Looks later than that to me.

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