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    Breaking news: Dick Dale, RIP

    I had the pleasure of seeing him live MANY years ago, right around the time I think I signed up here... he was an inspiration to me as a guitarist and learning his stuff gave me the skills for the metal that I play now. Long live the King!
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    Rebuilding A Epiphone...

    So I forgot about updating pictures on this thread... well here's the collection after so many years, including my Les Paul. Interesting note: TUSQ Ivory ages beautifully like real bone.
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    Rebuilding A Epiphone...

    I'm surprised people are still looking at this thread all these years later... and I will tell you now, she's still my go-to recording guitar for all the rhythm parts I do. She's aged quite beautifully.
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    I'm back... For Whom The Bell Tolls Cover.

    Well, haven't posted here in while, but I'm back kind of... and I still make music. Tell me what you guys think :slash: looking for feedback since alot of what I learned while recording this will go toward my future recording that I have lined up.
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    Oooooo, Shiny new forum software smell...

    ...It's like a used car from a certified dealer, yea? XD Also I'm still alive. Been busy with life, recording, and mainly gaming a small (but growing) you-tube channel.
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    Orlando Florida Guitar show

    I tend to go pretty much every year, this year is no exception, going to be looking for electronics for my Bass VI build.
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    So... anyone use Sonarworks?

    I'm Alive... and despite a damn hurricane passing through my state, I managed to finish mixing and mastering this with the Sonarworks 3 headphone calibration plugin. Now I need to scan my student ID so I can get 50% off on it because I can't live without this plugin now, it's amazing for doing a...
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    The " Stig Bursts " the UK's best kept secret ?

    *Top Gear jokes inside his head*
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    Sooo...what'd you learn today?

    ...That JB Weld can fix a leaky car radiator.
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    Maybach Lester disappearing ?!

    o3o Well, that was stupid.
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    Cables, what's on the menu?

    South Creek Cables... durable enough, nice and heavy cords, and not too pricey.
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    Shop-made adjustable radius sanding block

    I was looking for the "Handee Fredder" that Dan's book mentioned and of course, MLP always seems to have the solution I'm looking for XD I think I will make one of these for myself... I'm doing a re-fret on my PRS SE with 57-110 Jescar NS frets from Philadelphia Luthier Supply, and I was...
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    Should a get an LPJ or a plustop pro?

    I add a vote for the Heafy model... I've played one, and it sounds great, plus for me it looks exactly like Kirk Hammett's 80s custom that he uses occasionally... actually, Heafy gifted Hammett one, and welp, hammett must have handed off to his tech, told him "fix it up for me" and this...
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    Marshall Co Branding...

    You can't diss the Marshall Mini Fridge though...
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    NGD---Boho Surf Wax Guitar

    Meh... I've messed with one at Sam Ash recently. Not my cup of tea.

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