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    Elixir strings

    I use Elixir Optiweb (blue box) on my Less Paul and the nanoweb on my acoustic. I love the fact that they reduce the very annoying squeaking sound on strings . They keep the good sound for a while and feel good on the fingers. I keep they running for 6 month or more, depending on how they feel...
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    Does tone matter more on a recording or during a live show?

    And to add more wood to the fire... What tone in what song ? There are songs who mix better with a thin , clear tone ( single coil) and other songs from a fat humbucker tone. It's not all heavy rock solos out there. From there, yes tone is important to the song as well, either live or...
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    Need how-to advice to fix lightened stain on epiphone satin finish

    what if the patch (or lack of paint) was there all the time , and it was covered by the sticker? You only saw it when you remove the sticker and the glue. If that is the case , it is covered by the poly finish and it won't change. Either way, it is a stain in a not very visible area. Probably...
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    Rhythm Guitar Instructional Book Rec?

    If screens is not your thing , maybe try a music teacher (in site , of course )
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    Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Koa - modifications

    that is a pretty guitar , very shinny too !
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    Would you consider another Epiphone?

    If I can .. probably yes. A Dot or Casino would be a nice to have guitar
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    Fading How fast???!!

    You are correct, it's not an CS Historic. In the previous post I mentioned "I may need to take some part off my Epi and see how much it fade already ", that was out of curiosity after reading all other post about fading over sunlight. So yes, it's an Epiphone LP Standard Plus Top Pro and it...
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    Whats your all time favorite guitar pick ? Pick as in plectrum

    The thickness use to change a bit between fingers, but the feeling is like .. being connected to the strings :rofl:
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    Post your favorite Behemoth (new or used)

    Not as large as other, my dad's Chevrolet Montecarlo 78 In the 90' he changes the engine for a V8 (can't remember the model), transmission from a Silverado and suspension upgrades to handle the extra weight.
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    Buying my first LP, think I'm settled on a Plustop Pro. How do I tell if it's a standard pro or a standard plustop pro? Noob question sorry.

    Hi @WonderMouse : I have a plus top pro. The top is flamed and the pickups are ProBuckers with coil split (you can push/pull the volume knobs). It sounds nice to me. I have never compared with the other models anyway. From year to year, they added colours as far as I know. If you want to know...
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    Best Epiphone les paul ?

    September, 2019 I bought it on Feb 2020
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    Gender of a guitar...

    You are surly a great friend of your 30YO friend. Just the fact of considering giving the gift of endless pleasure in the form of music, it's a big understanding of your friendship. The other day I was talking to my wife about what gifts means and other stuff, a good music instrument to a...
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    Best Epiphone les paul ?

    I have a Top Plus Pro (it have pro-buckers and coil splitting ), I can't complain at all.
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    A nice acoustic. $400,800,$1500

    even a bit more, the guitar is a baritone jumbo sized, the tuning is BEADF#B and it sounds deep (between a guitar and a bass). The extra strings make the middles sounds fuller. (like a 12 strings) but still clear in the lows and highs. I have tried other baritones and they get muddy or too...
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    A nice acoustic. $400,800,$1500

    I forgot to post photos of my newest acoustic.

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