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    Ever try an amp once and it’s the best thing you ever heard…

    Yes. Mesa Boogies, SLO and other soldano amps and a few other high gain amps. I always come back to mid 70s and earlier marshalls. They can make you feel a little naked if your chops suck. But they sit so well in the mix that I always go back to them. I still want to try mesa mark 1 and mark...
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    Value of a 1968 Les Paul Custom, player and so on?

    I thought a 1960 Les Pau Special would be really cool to have. I've played a few. However a used but like new 2019 Custom shop reissue special came up for 1/4 of the price of an actual 1960 model. I thought, should I hold out for an actual 1960? I'm a player and want the best tool for the...
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    Buying a Marshall

    A 4 hole marshal with a PPIMV. Sounds decent at low volumes and great when turned up. I've done it to every old marshall I"ve had in the last 30 years. I wish I'd done it back in the early 80s, my hearing , as well as everyone else's hearing would be much better now.
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    insulation in bath tub alcove wall?

    If you do put insulation in and sue a product like Denshield, or redguard the backer board, be sure to remove the paper from the insulation or at least cut sections of it out. You don't want two vapor barriers next to each other unless you want a mold sandwich. And yes as fracture said, tile...
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    What would you pay for a 1968 player grade 68 LP with PNPickup?

    I don't know if this is off the subject, but if it's a good guitar, that's what matters. I, personally am not really influenced by the age of the guitar. But am driven by the resonance (does it ring) and playability. To me that is all that matters, as I'm a player and never will be a collector...
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    FS: BIG TOP 2001 R8

    Beautiful Les Paul. How big is the neck? How big are the frets on these? I'm guessing that they are the smaller ones. Where are you located?
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    Marshall model 1987 50w amp

    My favorite. And of all the years 1974 is my favorite. But all of them (4 hole heads), even the reissues are better than any master volume IMHO. 2nd is the super leads... I've been playing these since they were $300 used and always came with the factory cover.
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    What are the hallmarks of a great Les Paul tone to you?

    Sounds like a really good tele with a bit more mids but still has that quack that a tele has.
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    Supreme Court: Pay college athletes a whole lot more

    When it got commoditized. And sports became the commodity. The school I went to had a football team the won one game it two years. There wasn't much money involved there...
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    Bands of the 70`s knew how to play.......

    Check out Lukather's gold top
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    What famous player have you seen live, that was having a bad night?

    I saw Neil Peart drop a stick. ONCE.
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    Marshall JCM800 Lead Series 1960A 4x12 cab

    Not a fan of the g12t-75. The upper midrange is not pleasant to me. The older ones were a bit better than the newer ones. I see them around here for as low as 350. Greenbacks go great with a old style marshall as does the 65 watt celestions.
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    Are Guitars Worth Investing

    Everything has the potential to be an investment. Guitars, like houses were never meant to be investments. But because people and investment houses are turning them into investments, they are driving the prices of everything up to the point that the average person can't afford it.

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