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    WTB: 50s 4 latch Lifton case

    FYI...I sold my 5-latch Lifton case. I will be keeping my 4-latch case.
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    Vintage Kluson tuners

    Bumpity bump
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    Secrets of a Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    I know Bharat and have spoken with him...that was many years ago. Whatever wood it is, my '52 conversion is a keeper.
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    Vintage Kluson tuners

    Bump for last price reduction
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    Secrets of a Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    I have not thought about it much since my last post to this thread. I have come to the conclusion my '52 is most likely a nice and light weight piece of exceptional mahogany. The mountain Spanish cedar is something I have never heard before but I guess that possibility can exist. When Scott...
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    Vintage Kluson tuners

    Last bump before moving elsewhere. Offers will be entertained.
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    Vintage Kluson tuners

    Bump for price reduction
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    Vintage Kluson tuners

    Complete set of vintage 50's D-169400 Kluson tuners. All original except two tips replaced due to crumbling. Hold tune great with no slipping. $700 and open to reasonable offers. Ready for immediate shipping.
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    1950's Les Paul knobs

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    1950's Les Paul knobs

    Set of four late 50's Les Paul bonnet knobs. Quite clean set with no cracks and only a bit of greening. $600 or best offer. My pics are to large to post but I will work on that. Until the pics are posted you can contact me by private message for photos.
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    The Murphy shop vs standard VOS 1959 es 355

    I am no expert but I will chime in. I was under the impression Murphy mainly paints/ages the guitar. Does he do set up work..maybe. Otherwise, it may still be a factory set up with his paint/aging. I know some will pay a premium for his touches. Does it make a guitar that much more...
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    Speakers. How Many? Your Inventory Count.

    I have three. My JTM45 2x12 has a pair of mid-1965 Celestion pulsonics with the code 102 003. These are the rare gold and crimson foil label speakers. Pre-date Greenbacks by at least one year. These speakers were made between 1964 and very early 1966. I think the earliest were stamped T1134...
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    Secrets of a Vintage 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    Thanks for the detailed pic. If this is true, my 1952 conversion could very well be this wood. With a strong magnifying glass I can see these wood characteristics. Not 100% sure but I am leaning to this could be true for my guitar. I have another conversion from the late 50's and the end...
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    Susan Tedeschi's Les Paul

    Regardless of age, fantastic vocal delivery on any song. She has a great band behind her.
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    Here is my 2014 R8 IN Action on Sunday.....Boy that felt good ....

    NICE! One of my favorite Top tunes. Personally, I stopped purchasing Top after Deguello. I also really enjoy playin Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell. Good blues with attitude always wins for me.

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