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    NYC-best place to repair a vintage Burny Explorer headstock

    You may want to try Matt Umanov in the West Village (he's no longer selling guitars but still doing repairs) or TR Crandall Guitars in the East Village. TR Crandall is owned by one of Umanov's former repair guys who is top notch.
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    K&T Pickups anyone? It's in Japanese, but if you use Chrome as your browser, it'll translate most of it.
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    Rosewood from japan.

    It seems to be a case of if they see a word referring to any wood, they believe that wood is banned. That's going to be a problem for them if they see mahogany or maple in any guitar descriptions.
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    First Les Paul - would you return because of this?

    Are you going to look at it or play it? If you're going to look at it, are you going to stare at that spot? If you're going to play it and it plays to your liking, just keep it. That mark will be our little secret.
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    Which top do you like better?

    I like stuff that's jazzy snazzy. Up close, it's very close, but from a distance, the stripes on #1 stand out much more. I doubt you could make the stripes out on #2 at a distance.
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    I'm sending my Les Paul to Gibson Repair for a nut replacement.

    And a not necessarily good brain surgeon.
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    Which pickup has more output - 9k or 12k?

    The Bardens I have in a telly measure something like 4 ohms and they are just as loud, if not more so, than the full size humbuckers that measure anywhere from 7 to 9 ohms I have in my LPs. My understanding is that Joe Barden took a different approach and used heavy gauge wiring rather than the...
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    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    I just looked up what $800 US dollars are worth today with inflation and all - about $1950. In GB, 800 1985 pounds are worth about 2100 2020 pounds. OUCH on what he wants! What are similar used LPs (same year, nice tops, etc) going for? That's the price you should offer him. And be firm...
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    Italian Job - 1959 Replica (Pearly Gates)

    WOW! Great sounding and looking guitar.
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    Is there such thing as a low db boost pedal?

    Durham Sex Drive.
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    Please recommend an amp!

    Quilter MicroPro Mach 2. It's a do-it-all and it does so magnificently. I currently have original blackface and silverface Fenders, Music Mans, Riveras (another great amp), original Magnatones and stuff I can't think of off the top of my head. But the Quilter is simply WOW!
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    Came across this name for the 1st time, nice but $$$

    Headstock just looks awful to me. Rounded corners meeting in a peak in the middle? And yeah, the fretboard looks too light. Put some shoe polish on it. The Riggio website doesn't mention anything resembling an LP, just Fender clones. To ask 5Gs for a guitar, it's got to have some resale value...
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    Michael Bloomfield CS

    Mike Bloomfield was THE guitarist who inspired me to play. I was lucky enough to meet him before he passed away. He started professionally on Fender guitars and ended his life playing Fender guitars. His amps were anything from old Gibson and Guild amps to Fender Twin Reverbs with JBL speakers...
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    Restoring a Smushed 1969 Twin Reverb With JBL D120Fs

    If I may throw in my 2 cents, I would have asked for the speakers to be sent separately, one each to a box. Maybe separate the chassis and cab but definitely separate the speakers. If this is going to be a gigging amp, next step for you is to find a good chiropractor. You laugh, but you'll...
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    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Your photos convinced me that you should initiate a return. The words you used to describe what this guitar went through shows me that you too are convinced it should be returned. It'll never ever be anything like what you thought you were buying. Jeez, but the valleys on the top are just awful...

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