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    Those of You Who Think That Epiphones is Almost as Good as Gibsons

    Having had a 2003 Epi LP since new I often wondered the difference but never had the opportunity to put head to head and test. Anyway I have picked up an awesome Gibson Standard on getting it home played both and in terms of playability nothing in it really, the bound fretboard is equal on the...
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    So 10's It Is Then

    I don't get the chord tuning issues and sharpening even with medium pressure with 10's. That's why thought the nut needed cut. I am enjoying the 10's and have just ordered some for the strat to try.
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    So 10's It Is Then

    I play 9's on my tele and strat. Tried 9's on my new to me 2003 LP, absolutely horrible and guess if I want to play 9's will need a professional setup to overcome. Sharp at the nut 1st 3 frets and difficult to play lightly enough not to sound awful. Changed to 10's and wow! Great tone, great...
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    NGD 2019 60's Standard

    HNGD, sweet, enjoy.
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    Buying Advice for s 2004

    Thanks for all the advice, sent the sellers pics off to Gibson and they confirmed the serial and specs. Went to see it this morning plays beautifully and sounded good through a practice amp so pulled the trigger, sounds absolutely awesome through my Fender Blues Deluxe. So its NGD and I am now...
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    Buying Advice for s 2004

    Its around the £1200 mark. I now have the dilema as a friend suggested the 2019 60's model that I have played and loved by using the £1000 deposit and take the balance on low finance over 3 years its £33 per month.
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    Buying Advice for s 2004

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    Buying Advice for s 2004

    Hi, Looking for advice on a possible purchase with all the travails of Gibson I am confused as to what is a good buy and what is not. Fundamentally if it plays well enough sounds good then that is the best way to judge but some reassurance or caveats from the experts on here will help me decide...
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    2003 Epiphone Les Paul Standard

    Hello, Just joined the forum don't know how much my knowledge will contribute but happy to be part of the community and hope I can add value somewhere. I have a 2003 Les Paul Standard that I have owned since new 2003, it is mint. I only started playing again about 10 months ago with an acoustic...

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