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    Anyone that can help me with an order at Soldier Straps?

    It's worth having a Credit Card or two increases your Credit Rating having them...just remember to be careful with your spending and to pay them off every month...with a new card you will usually get a 12 month, 18 month or even more interest free period...and it's a safe way to buy...
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    It is normal?

    Don't let the dealer send it back to Gibson to fix won't get it back for months and then it might have other new damage...i know...i found out the hard way!
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    New Gibson Slash Models 2020 or more of the old models.

    Glad that i sold my Gibson Slash Rosso Corsa LP with the awful Slash thingy on the would never sell now!
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    Who's The LOUDEST One Of All?

    'Play It Loud'...
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    UK sellers thread

    SOLD: Gibson Custom Shop 2008 VOS Jimmy Page Custom Black Beauty. This stunning JPC is in 'as new' condition having been part of a well cared for guitar collection since new. The spec includes a solid Mahogany body, slim 1960 neck profile, dark Ebony fretboard with beautiful Pearl block...
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    R4 GAS

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    FS~Eric Clapton Guitar/Amp Collection

    I own an EC Vibro Champ myself and it is a fabulous wee combo...and the attenuator switch from 5W to 1.25W works a treat!
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    EU sellers' thread

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    WTF.. inlay fell out of my R8 !!

    Get some plants in and water them frequently...air-dry clothing...get a humidifier. :cool:
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    WTF.. inlay fell out of my R8 !!

    What year is your R8? VOS, Gloss or Aged?
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    UK sellers thread

    FOR SALE: Marshall 50th Anniversary 1962LE Handwired Bluesbreaker Combo. I am selling a 'mint' Marshall 50th Anniversary Bluesbreaker combo, which is one of the very Limited Edition run of only 100 built Worldwide in 2012, to celebrate the Marshall Company's 50th Birthday. This is Serial...
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    UK sellers thread

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    I have a Marshall 1W with a button on the rear panel to reduce down to just 0.1W.
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    Who likes em' Big?

    I used to have three big Blackstar valve pedals...reverb, modulation and delay...i found them too big and they also had to each use their own power, i finally sold them and bought some nice smaller pedals which use 9V batteries or a 9V power supply. :)