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    UK sellers thread

    FOR SALE: MARSHALL CUSTOM OFFSET 1W STACK Only 1,100 of these fabulous half-stacks were built by the Marshall Custom Shop in 2013. 1W of pure 60s / 70s Marshall goodness...and you can switch it down to just 0.1W for quieter playing too. It comes with a COA, paperwork and the original two...
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    UK sellers thread

    FS: GIBSON CUSTOM SHOP VOS ERIC CLAPTON BEANO 1960 LES PAUL REISSUE I am selling a beautiful VOS Beano which is in 'As New' condition. Eric Clapton was very involved, also approving of his favourite 1960 Les Paul neck profile. It has a set of fabulous Custom Shop Beano Alnico 3...
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    Too old. :hippie:
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    Why is it called a stand by switch?

    My two wee tube amps don't have a standby switch to think about! :)
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    If you have any cassette tapes, my 2003 Golf loves them! :rofl:
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    Natural Relicing over Reliced Guitars

    It doesn't matter if you put some wear on an Aged CC...they are all slightly different in a run anyway.
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    Brazzy Fenders?

    Fender did make Custom Shop Reissues with Braz fretboards, which stopped about 10 years ago iirc.
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    What do you think is the best Marshall amp ever made?

    ...and i popped a Celestion GOLD 10" Alnico in the cab to make it sound even sweeter! :)
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    R7 before and after Fret Doctor

    I wouldn't use anything else.
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    FS: BIG TOP 2001 R8

    Me like. :drool:
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    Feedback on Collector's Choice #13 and #17

    Personally, i wouldn't buy Mark said, they are just Reissues and tbh Gibson killed the fun of the CC line by making so many of them! There are only a couple of CCs that i would buy, and CC #1 is one of them.
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    Jimmy Page #1 Project

    Nothing against HM or anyone else who does a good re-fin...but i wouldn't buy an Artist guitar or CC guitar and have it re-finished.

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