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    WTB: Custom made pedal board

    Had 2 boards build by Best-Tronics. They were incredible. I highly recommend them.
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    I may have to buy a Pod Go

    It sounded REALLY good at NAMM
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    double tracking string bends

    Sounds fine to me.
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    Holy shit, what a deal on this! You guys looking for that authentic late 60s Marshall tone, THIS IS THE AMP. George Metropolous is an excellent builder and really puts a lot of love into these amps. Plus you have a built in variac like control, the best loop in the business and mods on the...
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    So I Got Inked Today...

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    double tracking string bends

    Had a similar problem recently. for just that small part of the bend, copy the better one over the worse one and sgift it around a few samples.
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    Melodic Guitar Ballad Improvisations

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    Have had a casual infatuation with this song for some time. Decided to get it tracked. drums: Superior Guitars: Knaggs DR> Friedman BE100>Fryette power station>DAW. Bass: Ibby 5 string> AxefxIII Vocals: Slate mic> the wife :run:
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    Dont call us, We’ll call you

    Thanks for the listen!!
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    Words real men never use

    Hell no. nothing like a warm stream of water sanitizing your rear after a good long dump. wads of paper are for savages
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    New Piece for 2020

    Signal chain? DAW?
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    Dont call us, We’ll call you

    Cover Of a forgotten classic rock tune. guitars: Knaggs Doug Rappoport into Friedman Phil X 100w head into Fryette Powerstation into DAW. Can’t remember the IR I used but it was 4x12 ish. Bass was Ibanez 5 string into AxeFXIII. Vox were the steven slate mic. Drums toontrack superior
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    Music Zoo experiences?

    Really nice store. The Starbucks or BMW of guitar places and they get every penny for it. Too rich for my blood.
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    MLP Thread Hall of Fame

    I cant even remember half the ones that chased me off here, but there were quite a few. Just popping in to say hi.

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