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    Serial Number questions

    I´m looking at the CS SG Bohemian and they have the reissue serial number: The 2017 CS SG Custom also has the same reissue serial format: And then this reissue (?) with a CS serial: See what I mean? I cannot understand the Gibson criteria for the Custom Shop serial numbers....
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    2017 LP Std T - Fretboard/Neck Crack

    I´m really sorry to see this happening. This is actually COMMON on post 2015 Gibson USA models. I´ve seen several guitars with the same problem and I can confirm it is serious. The line you see is the fretboard separating from the neck, and can only get worse. Return it ASAP. At first I thought...
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    Serial Number questions

    Hi! First of all, I would like to thank all the members of this forum for sharing their knowledge. I have learned a lot over the years on this forum. Now the questions: -What is the difference between, for example, "R9", "CS9" and even "HS9" serial number guitars? Aren´t they the same spec...
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    Help Me Understand the "Reissue" Craze

    I just don´t understand why people think that CS guitars, in this case Reissues, are handbuilt. They are NOT. And the Custom Shop is not a place where a handfull of luthiers carefully handcarve that "mystic" and so much superior tonewoods. It is a factory where there is an assembly line operated...
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    NGD: Signature T - Translucent Ebony

    Also it has a granadillo fretboard. I have one in Vintage Sunburst. :naughty:
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    Is this a MIJ or MIC copy

    It´s a Chibson.
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    NGD: 2016 Traditional Honeyburst

    About the pickguard, if you want to get :slash: tone, you have to take it off... it affects the sound. :laugh2:
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    Epiphone pr 350s acoustic

    I don´t believe that´s a real Epiphone guitar. You should tell what it really is if you´re selling it. :hmm:
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    Do we at least agree that vintage Gibsons are real? But I still have doubts about my cat, I fear he is not real... :laugh2:
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    So if a Gibson guitar is made in China and mass produced, it´s crap and it´s immoral. If some guy builds a guitar in his basement, even puts the Gibson logo on it, he is just building a "replica". No moral questions here, right? :hmm: They are both the same, fake guitars.
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    See for yourself. No
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    A couple of upgrades would solve the sound issue, and it would still be a lot cheaper than the real deal. Actually we all would benefit from Gibson going under. This way every manufacturer in the world would be able to use Gibson trademarks and make "real" Les Pauls. :slash:
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    Am I allowed to post links, pictures?
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    Beyond the obvious, chinese fakes just keep getting better and soon they will be (almost) perfect. You name it, imperial bridge, fret binding, 2 piece body with 1 piece neck, thick real maple cap, nitro finish.... you name it. Of course I am not going to tell here where I got this info but I can...
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    The Fake Gibson Thread

    I started this thread because there is one in the Epiphone forum, and since I believe Gibson Les Pauls get more faked than any other guitars, there should be a place to talk about it, maybe make it a sticky. :hmm:

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