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    Replacement Nashville Bridge for Les Paul

    Get a drop-in replacement Faber bridge. The end.
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    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    They certainly are (relatively) more affordable than bursts, but still way more than I could comfortably afford to drop on a guitar. This particular guitar was advertised at £7495. Not sure what it sold for, but sadly way above my pay grade...
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    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    I'd love to own a real vintage '58 Les Paul Junior. Something like this:
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    Limited Runs?

    I once owned this historic reissue Gibson Les Paul (SG) Custom. When I asked Gibson support for more details about this particular model, they told me the following: "From time to time Custom Shop decides to release a run of guitars that differ in specification from the standard product range...
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    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    Update: The neighbours' cat came round to inspect and approves :h5:
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    NGD: 2021 R9 - Green Lemon

    Just wow - that is absolutely stunning.
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    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    To be fair, it took me 30 years and one hell of a lot of gear to figure out what worked best for me.
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    What first started the need for a guitar in your life?

    I always wanted to play guitar, but don't remember exactly why. I do know the first time I saw the Paradise City video on TV, that was it. I was absolutely going to do that one day, no matter how long it took. With one of those guitars the guy with the wild curly black hair was using...
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    What is "it" for you....?

    For me it is the guitar I pick up in the evening with the intention of playing for maybe 10 or 20 minutes and the next thing I know it's already 3am in the morning and I'm supposed to work tomorrow.
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    Many of us are home players, admit it. Let's see those home rigs.

    Fairly simple affair: Handwired valve amp which works very well at low volumes. Boost pedal in front. Delay pedal in the effects loop. P90s PAF-style humbuckers. Done.
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    2010 Junior Specs?

    Lucky you. I very much wanted one of those, but sadly it just never happened.
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    2010 Junior Specs?

    @endial is 100% correct. I clearly remember there was a run of Juniors in 2009/2010 which were actually called "1958 reissues", but not in a Custom Shop/historic reissue sense. They were supposed to have 50's neck profiles, and yes, for some reason the satin white ones came with ebony...
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    Pickup Imbalance After Setup

    It goes a surprisingly long way if you become comfortable with doing even just the very basics, like adjusting the truss rod, action, intonation, pickups, etc.
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    So after 3 years i had to do it ...

    Lovely guitar, that.
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    Poll: Would you buy a Mark Agnesi signature Les Paul Junior?

    I'd sell my Slash signature Strat for the privilege.

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