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    Prop Gun - "I didn't pull the trigger!"

    I hope his wife uses the same defense .
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    NGD… 2013 “59” Historic Makeover Brazilian

    Amazing! Think I have the righty sister .
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    Had the full monty done. It was a couple years ago so I dont remember the exact price. Would do it again in a minute . They made a very nice guitar incredible. It just feels like perfectly worn in guitar that you have been playing for twenty years.
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    My historic HM measurements before and after. They did a great job perfect neck . It's all subjective. its amazing the smallest increments your hands can feel . Your own hands should make the decision . There 50's dimensions where just right.
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    At least 8 dead and many injured after crowd surge at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston

    A million dollars LOL. Dr Evil would be a better attorney. You get a million dollars for a poodle these days.
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    At least 8 dead and many injured after crowd surge at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival in Houston

    Im 61 with a fifteen year old. Amazing boy, I worry.
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    [NGD] 2021 VOS M2M R9 Iced Tea Burst

    Thats just about as nice a top as you can get ! Don't know how HM can get it better, besides neck shape etc..... Enjoy that's a keeper.
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    SOLD: 2016 Martin OM-18 Authentic VTS

    Thats a beauty!
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    79-Year-Old Man Shoots Son for Playing Guitar Too Long

    I hope my wife doesn't see this.........
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    Do you change your own strings?

    I change them better than I play them.
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    Baseball 2021

    100% ! Long time yankee fan. I can take him or leave him. He does a nice polished job of handling the NY press, and protects his players to a fault.. Most Managers these days are just an extension of the front office.. Have to give him the right players to win.. They need a lot of changes...
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    Dying a fretboard

    I have tried it on a couple guitars over the years. It works quite well. If you tape everything off meticulously and use a tiny brush and Q tips it will come out great. It fades a little over time on the fretboard edges along the binding. I usually mix the brown and black stain depending on the...
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    PRS Paul Reed Smith Special 22 Semi-Hollow LTD Artist Package (2020) Black Gold

    I know if more people picked up and played these guitars a lot of opinions wold be changed. I love mine and its not an artist package. The light weight, great neck, incredible amount of different tones available. Good luck with the sale, someone will be lucky.

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