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    New Slash Goldtop in catalogue

    Not sure that I’d pay the premium for this model, but I sure do like the dark back!
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    NVGD: 1954 Les Paul

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    2020 Epiphone for beginner

    Awesome decision. That’ll absolutely be a great guitar for you.
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    Epiphone Wildkat

    I hear you. With affordable used guitars, I often consider them a small investment or experiment in checking out various types of guitars.
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    1998 Epiphone Dot Deluxe

    Forgive me for actively trying to get some discussion happening here. I still love this guitar. I’ve come to realize that the neck is fat and fairly wide. I like it and it has its own feel when compared to my Gibson Les Paul. The big maple neck absolutely has an impact on tuning stability and...
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    2020 Epiphone for beginner

    I’ll agree with what everyone else is saying. Go try some guitars. Also, don’t overlook used Epiphones- huge value. A used LP Standard for example. And absolutely consider a nice little amplifier. Again, used gear may be the way to go. Enjoy the hunt and keep us updated.
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    What is the value of case candy?

    For a nice USA (non custom shop) Les Paul in your price range, the case candy has zero dollar value. Don’t pass up an otherwise good deal because there’s no case candy.
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    A new 335 is coming from Epiphone

    Looks awesome. I’m looking forward to the Emily Wolfe model Sheraton early next year.
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    Pick Up Height

    Start with the measurements the Gibson publishes and go from there. Trial an error. In general, I have my neck pick pretty far from the strings and my bridge pickup much closer.
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    I Picked Up A Treble Booster....

    Hey all! I hope I’m not hijacking this thread.....please tell me OP and I’ll post a new one. Thoughts on a treble boost VS a regular boost pedal (like an Exotic EP Boost or a TC Electronics Spark mini)? I need to add little “something “ to my sound and I think some type of simple boost may do...
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    NAD Fender '65 Princeton Reverb in Tweed

    Yup, the modern Fender reissue amps are impressive and sound killer (based on the three I’ve played). Congrats. A 12 in speaker in a Princeton must be amazing.
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    2020 Classic vs 2020 Standard 60s/50s

    That looks exactly like the rig I’d make for myself. Awesome!
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    Epiphone CTS pots...any reason to change them?

    If the electronics work well, keep them.
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    NAD Fender '65 Princeton Reverb in Tweed

    Nice amp. Is it the hand wired version or the standard reissue?

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