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    Half pound of weight = what in $$ ?

    Some people will seek out certain weights for their own reasons, but weight alone doesnt command a higher value. Even featherweights had other special futures that helped justify the special run pricing. When I was buying a reissue with plans to add a bigsby, I intentionally looked for one...
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    Historic Pickups - Stock or Swap

    It is hard to participate in a pole thread when all of the responses fit depending on the guitar you are holding :rofl:
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    NGD - Does This Count as a Les Paul?

    That is great to know! I always wanted an SG with the thicker reissue profile, but I have worried that it might cause neck dive. I may now be on the look out for a ‘64! :naughty:
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    NGD - Does This Count as a Les Paul?

    That is a beauty! How is the weight balance?
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    Ngd 2021 r9

    That is a beauty! Congrats!
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    Big vs Huge?

    I agree with .900 at the first fret being the sweet spot. Though I can see why some with smaller hands may not like it. Also shoulders/neck shape really matter in a conversation on whether or not a neck feels slim, chunky or huge. A U-neck can feel huge in comparison to a Gibson C, even if both...
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    NGD R8

    Congrats! Looks great!
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    Historic Small Frets

    Glad to help. Gibson stated Jescar in the specs in 2018 when the R7s and R8s were changed to narrow tall. As for older Historics and non-TH R9s, Jescar 45100 has been called out in enough reputable places around the net that I trust it (at least for prior to 2019 now considering the differences...
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    Historic Small Frets

    True Historics went down to .034-.036 in height, which is different from R9s that used .045 for many years prior and other guitars made along with the THs. It is possible that they changed the R9 frets again between 2018-2019, but I do not recall this being advertised. You could ask Gibson...
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    Historic Small Frets

    The fret measurements show that the narrow tall frets are in fact taller in height, while being narrower in width. So to call them smaller than R9 frets is not really anymore accurate than it is to call them larger. The frets on the R7s and R8s labeled as “narrow tall” are jescar 50078...
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    Bigsby on my R9

    That is the beauty of the vibramate he is using. It allows for installing the bigsby without any permanent changes to the guitar.
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    Bigsby on my R9

    Nice photos! The bigsby looks great on that one!
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    Looks like HOG tops are back in a big way! Congrats on that one!
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    2016 vs 2019 Cases?

    The older case also has 5 of the “better” latches. The newer, more accurate case, only has 1 of them and then 5 other latches that’s are not as good IMO.
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    Nibs or No Nibs, which do you prefer?

    Nibs on a Historic or Standard built in a “Original” style. I don’t care if modern guitars exclude them. As for the strings catching in the fret, that was an issue when Gibson started using thicker binding on the USA Traditionals, but they went back to narrower binding somewhere around 2018-2019.

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