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    Can You Intonate an Improperly Located Bridge?

    On an LP copy with a Tune-O-Matic bridge, the scale from bottom of nut to middle of the bridge is: 25 inches (for the sake of argument). Mid-point is 12.5 inches. (This is where the 12th fret SHOULD be.) But on this guitar, 12.5 inches from the bottom of the nut comes to just beyond the 12th...
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    1994 Classic Birdseye Bridge Oddity

    Has anyone ever seen this before? An Epiphone Les Paul with a Gibson-style bridge? I bought this new in '95 from an online store, so I don't see as how anyone could or would have modified the bridge. Just wondering.
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    A Custom's Volume & Tone Nuts & Washers

    Thanks, but what I'm getting at is, are even the parts you don't normally see (like under the volume and tone knobs) gold plated, as well?
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    A Custom's Volume & Tone Nuts & Washers

    On a "black beauty" with gold everything, are the factory original nuts and washers nickel or gold plated? Please don't tell me how it makes no difference or how trivial this is; I just want to know the answer to the question.
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    Guess which one is authentic

    For me, my guitars are an investment in my pleasure, not their monetary value.
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    Guess which one is authentic

    I was trying to show how obviously crappy the Chibson cover is, that it's not even close.
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    Guess which one is authentic

    No, I posted a few years back with a question about my then first Les Paul. Got a lot of snarky responses and swore I would never post again. Glad to see I was wrong.
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    Guess which one is authentic

    One is Gibson, one is Chibson. Which is which?

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