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    Original spec or upgraded electronics but with cosmetic damages?

    I agree with all the above, but will add that Moolon is a high end effects company. Not in the same league as run of the mill Korean made guitars. Much higher quality and all handmade. I’ve never tried or heard their pickups, but in sure the same standards from their effects carries over to...
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    Burny RSA-100?

    I want to say my 90s RSA-100 also had a non-split crown inlay as well. Also had fret edge binding. Can’t make it out too well, but the guitar in the listing doesn’t seem to have feb?
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    Advice on Electric City RD 59 replacement in LP

    Haven’t tried the SLE or SLE+(UOA5 magnets) but do own the Koss-301 set. Despite the hotter neck, the neck pickup is nice and clear and balances well with the bridge. Tons of character and complexity. I would describe them as medium output, but not as hot as the ER Custom(short A5) or PG-102(A5)...
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    :oops: “F you” has a totally different meaning south of Canada.:io:
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    Greco EG-800 won't stay in tune! New tuners?

    Did you have the nut slots enlarged to accommodate your strings? Locking tuners won’t help if your nut slots aren’t properly cut and lubricated. Big Bends Nut Sauce or pencil lead and Vaseline.
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    Your favorite Throbak PAF and why?

    I can confirm that the ER Customs do indeed sound awesome in a semi-hollow. I think they would probably also kill in a SG. Just pulled the trigger on some Koss-301s.
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    1970s Japanese "Nitro"?

    No checking on my LS80 or ES100, but my LS120 has some mild checking.
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    Throbak | ReWind | Holmes | Wizz | Lollar | Gibson MHS - Video Comparison

    1st series Low Outputs. Original A2 neck magnet and I think Throbak UOA5. Could be a ReWind A5. Can’t remember...I was experimenting with some ReWind and Throbak A5s at the time and can’t remember which finally ended up in there.
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    Edwards by Navigator Les Paul Custom – wood?

    The 2 Edwards I owned were ridiculously light. A local guitar store owner thought it was balsa because of the weight. lol. I had similar experience with pickup swaps on the LTS I owned. Went from the stock Antiquities to considerably hotter WCR Green/Moore pickups and there was no...
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    Replacing parts on vintage wah pedals

    Value will be affected with either replacement switch. I would hold onto the original switch in the event you ever decide to sell.
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    Recommend a soldering iron!

    Another Hakko user. Reliable and well made at a reasonable price.
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    Anybody use 8 bomb pickups?

    Did you ever pull the trigger on these? Shopping around for a new set of pickups for a semi-hollow. These sound pretty amazing and the guy has really gone down deep into the “Burst” rabbit hole.
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Yeah, the ES is considerably slimmer than my LS120 and LS80. Nut width is also a bit more narrow. Definitely more of a 60s style taper. Maybe a “built on a Friday” guitar. lol. Still an amazing guitar! Gets just as much play as my LS guitars.
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    I’m curious what the neck profile is like. My ES-100 has quite a slim neck.
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    What's the difference between Burst Buckers and Custom Buckers ?

    In my Tokai LS80, I found the BB1/2 sounded how you describe your Custom Buckers to sound. Neck was really clear and a bit scooped and Bridge had some burn and grind and bordered on ice pick.

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