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    Anybody use 8 bomb pickups?

    Manlius are nice. Had a set of Fat Diane’s in my Tokai. Replaced them with Throbak PG-102s and haven’t looked back. There’s more complexity with the Throbaks.
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    Peter Green - End of the Game Era Tone

    Love that album! No idea of the gear used. Thought I read that he had returned to Marshalls. He also had his Strat, which was featured in the Top Of The Pops performance of Heavy Heart. Probably a “lip-synced” performance though and not necessarily a true indication of the actual gear used on...
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    To wrap over the tailpiece bar, or not...

    I used to break strings pretty regularly. Used to use 10s and 11s. Got old. Less time to play. Hands got a little weaker. Had to switch to 9s and also had to lighten my touch to avoid buzzing. I don’t think I’ve broken a string since the switch, which was several years ago.
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    To wrap over the tailpiece bar, or not...

    Interesting! Still, there’s the theory that the top wrapping was a carry over from the wrap tailpieces.
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    To wrap over the tailpiece bar, or not...

    Gibson catalogs from the 50s displayed top wrapped guitars. I don’t have the full copy, but found this enlarged and cropped photo that was taken from a 50s catalog. However, top wrapping or raising the stop tailpiece will accomplish the same thing.
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    2021 Wizz Pickups

    He’s using custom made wire, that replicates vintage wire specs. Don’t know how long this has been a thing.
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    That headstock repair! Yikes!
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    Educate me on Edwards 335s

    I wouldn’t let the poly base/lacquer top coat stop you from buying a Lacquer Taste. The poly base coats are very thin. I’ve owned a LTS and a Tokai LS-200, both with poly/lacquer. The poly base coat didn’t offer nearly the same level of chip resistance as a normal, full poly finish. My Tokai had...
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    Vintage Tokai - Your Thoughts

    I have 3 early 80s Tokais. All higher end. All gutted. New pots, caps, pickups. Control holes were also all reamed to accommodate the new pots. It was painful at first, but the guitar’s sound much more to my liking with the electronics swaps. I will never sell these 3.
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    Vintage Tokai - Your Thoughts

    Which bridge did you go with? I really like the vintage Tokai bridges. Also like the Hosco for modern replacement. Tried Faber and it scooped out the midrange and made the low end way too big and muddy.
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    Heritage G12H30 (55 Hz) for $200 or (75 Hz) for $150 in a 212 6L6 50 watt combo?

    55hz are bass cones, 75hz lead. 55 will be darker. Golds are nice. They have a upper midrange emphasis and can sound harsh if not pushed.
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    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    Good God, that V is sweet!
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    Tokai 57 PAF pickups

    MKIIs are later than the ‘57. The MKIIs were alnico.
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    Tokai 57 PAF pickups

    Not sure the pickups in my ‘81 ES-100 were ‘57 PAF. No labels. They have white hookup wire. Tried swapping whatever was in there with UOA5. It was an improvement, but still not to my liking. Too thin and bright. Swapped them for Throbak ER Customs.
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    Leslie simulation

    Using a good Leslie sim pedal in stereo would be a much simpler set up and would probably sound more authentic.

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