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    Live Q&A with Dan Erlewine

    LMII‘s version of Dan, Robert O’Brien is also doing a live Q&A This Friday if anyone is interested.
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    Happy Birthday LtDave!

    Happy Birthday Dave! Enjoy the cake, we know there will be cake.
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    60's Classic inlays?

    Found a pic of when I glued the inlay back in.
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    Poly over Poly?

    Check the manufacturer’s suggested grit for applying over existing poly. Leave no surface shiny. Red scotchbrite lightly in the hard to reach places.
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    Live Q&A with Dan Erlewine

    Here’s the episode that aired on 5/22. Love Dan. He’s like that really cool shop teacher you had back in school. You know, the one with all his fingers. :thumb: They just announced another live Q&A scheduled for 5/29 @ 1PM Eastern.
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    60's Classic inlays?

    An inlay on my 2010 Trad Pro popped out. The glue was that greenish color and I made the mistake of scraping it off when I glued the inlay back in. Now that inlay is not as green as the rest.
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    PSA - Ebony Fretboard Blanks

    I couldn’t wait to get them so I could post a pic. :cool: Funny thing, we are getting a new driveway with a 12” culvert. From 20 yr old asphalt to fresh concrete. My neighbor drives by and backs up, beep, beep, beep. Stops, looks around and says “I’m getting jealous with your new driveway.” I...
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    PSA - Ebony Fretboard Blanks

    Just for you @fatdaddypreacher, pics of the boards I received. :thumb: The one laying down is perfectly quarter sawn and rings like a bell. The other looks like rift. Not perfectly black but really even color and striping. Kiln dried and a little over an inch thick. Not bad at all for the price.
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    MLP Weekly Movie Club - Triple Feature

    Dude, that was bada$$. Loved it. Makes so much more sense to have the overdubs from the prequels.
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    Frrrrrrredrico's Salon

    Next you’ll have all her girlfriends lined up at the shop door ready for their color. Easy way to earn some extra side cash for guitar stuff. :cool: I always left when my mom and sisters would dye their hair or even worse, perm it. Can’t handle the smell. Same when they painted their nails...
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    Inlays on a maple fretboard

    Black MOP dots.
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    The Bad thing about exotic cars

    I wouldn’t know. :iough:
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    Really like that show. He also has Daryl's House Club.
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    Help ID Les Paul Custom

    Japanese lawsuit Les Paul from the 70‘s, Ibanez?

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