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    Let’s talk “good wood era”

    My father, who was among other things an expert in statistics, would tell you that a statistical sample of '1' is worth zero. Sometimes you just get lucky, but if luck was statistically significant, there would be no Las Vegas.
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    ...And how many non-Gibson guitars?
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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    That is a problem. I found some nylon cap-head nuts and cut them down a bit and replaced the steel nut. Problem solved. Some of my guitars don't need it- seems like it's the angle that the aft bracket is installed at, or if it was drilled too close to the rounded edge of the body.
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    Color Streak under Pickguard on 2020 R0

    I have a '59 60th Anniversary and two 1960 True Historics, and none of them show any signs of being as described in that (more than 10 year old) press release... so it would be interesting to find out how factual the opinions in this thread are. The OP's top doesn't really reflect the fading...
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    You can take solace in knowing that you are not alone, my brother!
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    Should I be Worried ?! - Neck Binding Lacquer Crack LES PAUL 2021 STANDARD

    Murphy Lab reject??? Hell, no!!! That's what Murphy Labs does!!!!
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    Immulation? not really a word, closest is immolation... I hope you don't mean that though, because burning your guitar hero to death is frowned upon, especially here. My guess is you mean 'emulation', which is far more socially acceptable. :)
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    How old are Historic and RI owners?

    Yes. As of this post, you win second place! (AKA, first loser :) ) 71 currently First electric (and currently), 1967 SG Standard ($300 + $15 for the case). 2- True Historic '60s 1- 60th Anniversary '59 1- 2002 Custom Shop Class 5 Arts & Historic 1- 2021 PRS 594 Single Cut, brazilian board Sold...
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    Why is the ‘59 ‘burst so highly coveted?!

    Huh? Volute a high-end addition? Bear in mind, even though I don't have many posts on this forum, I owned Gibson guitars in the '60's (and was playing professionally back then), the volute was introduced in 1969 (I bought an SG-Jr that year with a volute), and continued to be used for about...
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    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    I thought you meant it was an actual '64, not RI. Fifty + years of play, used, not abused, still in pretty good shape.
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    Half pound of weight = what in $$ ?

    Yes, I can tell the difference between an 8.5lb and 8.9lb guitar. I have have both. And there's no grey area. And I don't mean with one guitar in one hand and the other guitar in the other hand- or one guitar right after the other. And I do buy my guitars by weight, all things being equal...
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    Dream Guitar/Guitar Porn

    What year is that? Looks a lot like my '67, except for the pickguard- mine has a batwing, and my body-neck joint extends to the tips of the horns. My first electric guitar. $300 + $15 for the case (in 1968)
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    Are 60’s necks slightly more finicky than 50’s necks?

    Four Historic or True Historic '59's & '60's LPs, one (actual) '67 SG Standard... they all have their own characteristics, all seem to follow changes in temperature and/or humidity changes (hard to tell because they most often occur together). If the cause is wood expansion and contraction...
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    Pulling Strings After Tuning Down

    Hey, I'm just happy that the internet was invented and Joe Walsh was born... :)

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