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    Singlecut54 - Terry Morgan

    Cookie, I have just read the sad new of Terry's passing. A true gentleman in every sense. May god bless him and keep him. Here is my lefty which he built and I shall never part with it.
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    NGD Momose 58 Flying V - Lefty

    More of a rounder C than a '59 but 0.972" at the 12th Fret so 58/59
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    NGD Momose 58 Flying V - Lefty

    Slab end grain. 6 lbs - 2oz
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    NGD Momose 58 Flying V - Lefty

    Just landed from Japan this morning. This is my first quality Japanese guitar and my first impression is that I am frankly stunned at how well finished it is. It is built from a pair of book-matched solid Korina wings which are cut on the quarter. The neck is also one piece quarter sawn and the...
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    Other V guitars

    Hi Kostas It was by pure chance that I saw this for sale as there are a lot of claims out there about them being on limited availability, especially left-handed (same old story). I was on 'Goggle' looking at the Devizer factory visit videos and thought that they were very well made and the guys...
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    Other V guitars

    Incoming so apologies but it's the dealer's photo for the time being. I have not bought a guitar in a couple of years since I got my LP replica so being a lefty and looking for a decent 58 style V for some time I couldn't let this one go. I have a pair of hotter pickups waiting for it. Momose 58 MFV
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    A belated GibSunday to you all

    Sweet ! Very nice choices.
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    Any other Members Restoring Muscle Cars at this Time?

    Very, very nice and I like that Weber set-up. I have been working on two GT40s for these past ten years. Not a restoration however but more like new build chassis and finding and restoring the original parts. Never again !
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    Incoming 17 R9

    Lovely R9 there John. You should be well stoked with this one. Congratulations !
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    Lefty 2018 R9 Brazilian vintage lemons

    I spotted that one earlier. Indeed it's a very nice lefty RP - congratulations ! The dealer is a good guy too. Enjoy.
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    What happened to Martin Six String Customs?

    Good on ya' Matt, Warm regards, James (the lefty)
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    Anyone know anything about early Steinberger guitars?

    There are a few lefty guitars and basses out there for sure and I have an early GL2 hard tail with the detachable leg rest and I wouldn't part with it. I did buy a cheap wooden Spirit a couple of years ago for practise whilst working away from home and found that it was a league behind the...
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    NGD. M2M R7 Standard Historic

    Very nice Lester and dig the homage to the GT40. It's my favourite drive. Congratulations mate.
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    Other guitars with mahogany/maple combination?

    How about a Bartlett Retrospec ?
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    Replica Les Pauls show em!!

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