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    How important is the word "Gibson" on your headstock.

    I forgot that I could post are a couple of what I’m going to look at in a few minutes. Jimmy
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    Aston Les Paul

    I wish I’d seen this earlier—I just posted a big question to the group—specifically about these Aston Les Paul copies. I’m headed out the door now to go pick one up—& wish I knew SOMETHING about them! If you ever happen to see this reply, PLEASE let me know where you found your information...
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    How important is the word "Gibson" on your headstock.

    Sorry folks—I jumped into this thread at the last minute, & probably missed some great perspectives. I’m frantically searching for ANY information I can find out about ASTON Les Paul copies. They seem to be in that sweet spot for the 70’s “ lawsuit Les Paul copies.” Headstock is a perfect...

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