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    Epiphone Frampton Custom

    Why is the headstock paint so beaten up? Finish crack only at the first fret? My '55 is still completely unmarked at 3 years old...
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    Tell me about Seville guitars

    The Bolter Of Seville?
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Rasta Blues Mon
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Here, 'ave a 'tar
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    Greco Mint Collection With Short Tenon

    Monday Morning Apprentice :420:
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    NGD: '55 Inspired Custom

    Mate, I can look at mine on the wall in my "quiet room" any time I like, but I still get a buzz every time I see a pic of one :yesway:
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    KISS and Ace Frehley Fan Thread for Epi Owners - Post anything regarding these topics - guitars\ Collections etc

    It'd be a cool way to wind it all up, they'd make a killing off a disc package. I saw 'em in 1980, had to wait 'til the '97 Reunion to see Peter with 'em.
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    The Unofficial Official "Pending NGD" Thread

    Yep, around 2010 me Harley-riding mates splurged on hot-up parts while the goin' was good. Fortunately I fell arse-backwards onto local good, cheap MIJs when the Little Aussie Bleeder haemorrhaged again :yesway:
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    The Unofficial Official "Pending NGD" Thread

    Doin' better than the Ozbuck, USD0.69 :facepalm:
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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    Front-on view (my usual excuse). She COULD use both hands....
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    Lots of People Looking For/At Low Wattage Amps!

    Ordered one of these last week, hopefully get it before end of August :fingersx: Anyone got or tried one?
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    My Burny - is this a proper flamed maple cap or a veneer?

    Just leave it, and play it within an inch of it's life.
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    Small Amps

    Carr Mercury V