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    "Ultra Rare" Prince Blue Cloud Guitar Goes Up For Auction

    Cloud my arse- it's a wad of jizz, why it was pearl white in the first place :laugh2:
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    this is tone

    The Power Of Link :cool:
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    In market for a new Amp...

    Rock the kasbah ! :cool2:
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    Orville Trade?

    Clincher right there, the Orville may or may not be a great player, you'd kick yourself if you traded down.
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    78’ Greco EG-800

    1500 quid ? :laugh2:
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    Which MIJ have "beefy" necks?

    Super Reals are generally the beefiest Grecos.
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Yep the 68-80s, long gone from mine when I got it, but the tulip Gotohs are smoooth :cool:
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    Do 1980s Burny Les Pauls have a 12” fretboard radius?

    Rox is a cool lady, for sure ;)
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    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    Maybe tha OG wants a ObG?
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    NGD - Burny P90 Gold Top

    It's cloning itself ! :thumb: Worthwhile project :yesway:
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    Orville and Orville By Gibson

    Yep, but I thought he meant nailing down the ObG model it's in. Solid top- RI or Custom Order (did they do those) ?
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    Tinted or pale? Tele

    Looks like you're bumping for a tint vote, so here it is :thumb:
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    Anyone come across Q Pickups "Dry Z" variant?

    Wax on, wax off...
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    NGD ! 1979 Greco EG-500

    Intro by Slap :yesway:

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