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    Best LP style guitar as a platform for a higher end instrument?

    I was going to say a new Kiesel, but pretty much the same thing. Tons of options including left handed, ebony, stainless, colors galore, etc.
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    A new Greco Model Found? 1981 EGF 850C

    That is sweet, congrats!
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    Rarest MIJ LP Brand

    I don't know what i was looking at in Google when I put that up, but I looked up the same yesterday and did get a number more in line with yours, odd..... But you are correct sir!
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    Rarest MIJ LP Brand

    That would have been $1000US in 1980 (Yen to US Dollar was 100 to 1), and a new Gibson LP Standard would have been about $650US. So yeah, it was a high price :)
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    MIJ Strat with 2 point trem

    Awesome,thanks. That would be perfect with a maple board :)
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    MIJ Strat with 2 point trem

    I'm looking for options on getting a MIJ Strat (S/S/S) with a 2 point trem. I know Fender makes a bunch, and I'll consider them, but I usually prefer the quality of high end Japanese guitars. If I could find a Momose with a 2 point trem I wouldn't be asking :) Does anyone know of any?
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    How is this Beautiful Tokai Still for Sale

    You could cover the backs so they don't know which ones have a 2 piece back or a 1 piece back as well. I see people (and I've done it myself) go for the 1 piece thinking it will sound better through an amp. Sure, it can look better, but sound different? Come on lol
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    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    This has a 4 piece top?
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    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    That HLS is gorgeous, and LOVE 'The Fifty Nine' pickups, they are great. GLWTS!
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    Looking for help/advice on a first MIJ Les Paul

    It will lower the initial price, and the resale price. On a MIJ guitar, the maple veneer will be on more maple, so it won't sound any different just look a bit nicer. I personally wouldn't let it be a deal breaker for me if I liked the rest of the guitar.
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    First Les Paul!

    I believe the Chinese ones use the model identifier "ALS". The "LS" models are Japanese.
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    NGD...2017 HERITAGE H150

    Absolutely killer top!
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    Fresher Leo Nine

    I wonder how old that one is, the price tag in the case appears to say 40,000 yen?
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    Tokai facts, theory, photos & ID thread

    I'm looking at a Tokai that says "Neo-Select" on the headstock instead of "Love Rock", an LS-1959 model. the description says "Neo's proud Neoselect The ultimate guitar of the world's highest peak". Anyone familiar with these? Price wise it's about the same ( a little less) than a new LS-390.
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    Sold - Please delete

    Wow, wish I had something to sell that would get me $2100, I'd grab that in a heartbeat!

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