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    Your Ideal Amp

    i have 3 63 and 65 fender tremolux sets and my new victory v 30 mk ll head on a 2x10 dr. z cab . oops ..and my 68 vibrolux. love them all and like to use one of the fenders along with the victory with an old morley aby box..clean sounds from the fenders and i love the distortion...
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    WTB - Well built case to protect 1960 Les Paul Junior

    i just typed in les paul jr case on ebay.. lots of TKL cases for sale there for sale . just fyi
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    WTB - Well built case to protect 1960 Les Paul Junior

    got mine used off craigs list , it was made for a 2019 spl .my 1960 double cut jr fits it perfectly.. a decent ,usable case..i have several regular lp cases and they all fit the guitar but they are too deep. so you use a towel ..all good either way. good luck with your search.
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    WTB - Well built case to protect 1960 Les Paul Junior

    i just googled ''case for les paul jr'' and i see one like mine on reverb for 75.00 brown case with red lining...
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    WTB - Well built case to protect 1960 Les Paul Junior

    i got one of the new cases that gibson is using for the original series lp jr..fits my 1960 double cut perfectly. i think they are made by tkl..look on ebay for one. thinner case built for the jr's..hope this helped jk
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    1960 Les Paul Jr. and Fair Pricing (Updated Pics)

    i have one like it too , great guitar!! enjoy ..time to listen to some mountain! i picked up a new gibson case that they use for the usa lp jr..thinner than a normal lp case holds the guitar very nicely.made by tkl ..a lp case will work with a couple towels..
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    NGD + questions about lifton case

    put the new lifton in the closet and get a good case for traveling. i use an old gibson usa with the pink blanket, works well and folks don't think its an expensive guitar.
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    pm sent
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    WTB - 59 Replica

    my friend rich at lakeshore guitars[reverb dealer] has might give him a shout.
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    NGD!!! Any BC Rich love on MLP?

    i started playing guitars in 1980..bought my first one at west l.a. music..seagull supreme [still have it] went thru a custom made eagle[wish i still had that one] and 2 bitches..used to go to the ''factory'' and hang out with neal moser..good guitars .dick wagner turned me on to them...
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    Hello from MI

    haven't been to elderly in a long time.. i do talk with frog now and then.
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    Hello from MI

    welcome, I'm south of battle creek near athens.not too far from adrian about 1 hour.
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    1978 Gibson Les Paul - Creamtone Conversion

    bump for a good guy and a great guitar
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    recommend some 10's for my 63 tremolux

    just figured out that the old spkrs. are oxfords not utahs.. still getting them redone . now i have 2 tremolux's in good working if i ever get a gig again...
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    recommend some 10's for my 63 tremolux

    put the 1980 cts 10s in last what a difference. very happy bass is tight now the old tremolux is sounding like it should.. thanks for the help. jk

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