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    1964 Gibson SG Junior

    ^^^^^^^^^ yeah, this! ^^^^^^^^ Or like a perfectly worn in baseball glove. It just wants to catch the ball. :applause: I can scarcely resist walking by by 64 Special without picking it up and playing at least a couple of riffs. :slash:
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    Nvgd: 63 sg

    Thats a dandy. :slash:
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    HNVGD: 1969 Gibson SG Special

    Sheez!!! You can even date the cases!! :slash:
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    Christmas Guitar Pics Thread?

    SGs allowed? 1969 SG Special: More Pics here:
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    trouble editing a post

    Why can't I edit this post? The edit button is missing. But yet I can edit this post?
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    New buyer to the vintage market but questions?!?

    Agree; 100%. FWIW, I had my heart set on a 1964 SG Special for all of the obvious reasons (golden era of SGs, best pickups, small pick guard, Brazilian rosewood, wide neck at the nut, etc.). Then I played a couple of 1964s and a 1965. They just were not great guitars; good, solid, fine. I...
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    HNVGD: 1969 Gibson SG Special

    Right! I want to pull on that neck so badly, like Pete did, but I would be crushed if I broke it. Still, it is high time to work on some of those songs. Pete is one of my all-time faves (seeing the Who at the end of February with my 4 brothers and 1 brother-in-law); when I started looking for...
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    Les Pauls and Vox AC30s

    outstanding! Thanks, David! That was so good it made me pause the Crossroads Guitar Festival on Palladia so I could watch and listen to Snowy. Immaculate phrasing and tone-- from clean to edge of breakup to breakup-- just excellent:thumb:.
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    HNVGD: 1969 Gibson SG Special

    :dude: First things first: thanks to Kris Ford for helping weigh in on this bad boy I brought home from the local guitar shop today: Berkley Music Company in Berkley, MI. Thanks, Kris. :thumb: Now let's get to the show. Love the neck on this...
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    posting pictures...

    test Mobile Uploads Story by jgonway | Photobucket
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    posting pictures...

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    posting pictures...

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    Help with 1968/69/70 SG Special - Player Grade

    I am looking for some help to see if you are seeing what I see and to give me your thoughts on what year this guitar is and a a fair price for this late 1960s SG Special. This kinda reads like Johnny Cash's song One Piece At A Time. This guitar has numbers that don't match up for easy dating...
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    1973 Deluxe without neck binding? Price check?

    Yes. That's the one. I agree with bblooz and the others posting in that thread. I am passing. Thanks, Kris.

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