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    Ol' Gingerballs Burr traveled to a galaxy far, far away

    You think a Boston accent is funny? They had Carrie Fisher change accents in the middle of A New Hope...
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    Is it possible to put them in order?

    hands amp pickups electronics strings all the other **fairy dust you mentioned **I know some people swear they hear it, but I have never been able to tell the difference in "tone woods"
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    Cobra Kai Season 3 Now on.

    I was pissed Aisha wasn’t in this season, she was my favorite kid. They said since she would have been a voice of reason and they wanted things to escalate, she didn’t have a place this go round. Totally agree that Ali was presented as a moral dilemma for Johnny, would love to have seen how it...
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    2020--Silver Linings?

    2020 winners? Dogs and domesticated animals. How awesome is it that they got to spend most of the past year with their best friends?
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    "Remember, you're almost 40!"

    fuck bro, we get it, pack your shit and get back to your daughter. why was this even a conversation?
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    Which top do you like better?

    another vote for 2
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    79 conversion thoughts

    yeah wasn't the 25/50 one of the first reissues? you'd be better off just getting a routed Deluxe oops nevermind, so you're looking at a replacement fretboard and a replacement neck at bare minimum to even come close, and even then, you wouldn't really be. I personally wouldn't do it, but...
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    Five figures for a guitar...

    We should remove money from the equation and send out guitars based on skill level of the player. I'll be in the corner enjoying my fishing line/wash basin/1 string banjo
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    Incoming! Caution: PRS content

    Paul's Guitar are easily my favorite PRS (I'd have one if I could get one without my wife putting all my stuff on our lawn), glad you're enjoying it
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    NGD American Professional Jazzmaster Rosewood

    I was hunting for a telemaster because I didn't have tele neck pickup in my guitar collection (my tele is a '72 Custom with the WR pickup in the neck) but I came up with the idea that I wanted a rosewood neck because all my Fenders are maple. I was going to go with an MJT body and USACG neck...
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    Gibson Demo Shop on Reverb

    I had three separate transactions with him. 1. I purchased a guitar from Trogly and found him to be a stand up guy, answered all my questions before purchasing. 2. He offered to buy my Les Paul Custom at a price I felt was too low, he completely understood why I turned him down, the...
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    Strat versus Jazzmaster

    in a fight? the Jazzmaster would beat the Strat, it wouldn't even be a contest. What's the beef? The Strat knows what it did, don't worry about it...
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    Chicken Teddy Bears - Honestly, I don't know why I never thought of this myself

    oh boy... I actually work in this town, I am not surprised this is an ad from Middletown...
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    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    ugh, do I even want to know how much he paid you for it? best not to know, I guess You've regretted letting this guitar go forever, it seems. Now's your chance to right that mistake. For you, I think it is worth it.
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    Should i change my 2018 Ebony Les Paul Classic hardware to gold?

    Do YOU want to change it to gold? if so, I would do it. Taking a poll seems wishy washy to me, if I created polls for all the changes I make on my guitars I would have stock guitars.

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