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    Did anyone else expect the used market to plummet due to all this?

    It doesn't seem to have dropped a bit, checking Reverb daily
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    What is the cheapest guitar you own and what do you think of it?

    My cheapest (meaning I spent the least on it) guitar is my 70's Reissue MiM Strat. I don't see it ever leaving my house, but I would say that about any of my guitars. I take my time, buy used, and they stick with me for the long haul.
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    New Moderator Day - Roberteaux

    cool, congrats
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    How Many Les Pauls is Too Many?

    For me? 4, because Gibson only put out 3 different pickup types (that I want). P90, Humbucker, Minihumbucker. I realize there is the p100 and I'm sure there are a ton of variations of humbucker, but I went with the ones I like and I don't need another humbucker in a guitar.
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    Masterpiece Theater - The ROCK version.

    I only watch Mouse-terpiece theatre because I’m a classy broad...
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    you can check pots and caps in the control cavity
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    What gear are you going to buy with your stimulus check?

    My stimulus check and a nickel will get me a nickel...
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    RIP Allen Merrill

    I never knew that I love Rock and Roll wasn't an original Joan Jett tune, you learn something new every day.
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    ooh and with a hardtail too, that is fancy as hell. looks terrific
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    The US want troops at the Canadian border?!?

    people want an authentic service rifle from the mounties?
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    1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Basalt Blue

    waitaminute, is this the thread you were going to show your wife to justify how much you paid because it was an "investment" guitar? Start a new one, we've got your back, bro
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    I just got busted for eating the cake frosting right out of the can. Oooops!

    busted? busted? #livingyourbestlife just kidding, you're a monster
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    "Darth Paul", my customized PRS S2 Standard 22

    Awesome looking guitar, I did hear the Imperial March while I was drooling over the photos, job done.
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    Suggestions for High End leather strap with conchos

    TIL what those silver thingamabobs are called...
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    Gibson ES-Les Paul: Will Its Value Increase Over The Decades?

    Not unless you find a sucker. Guitars don't go up in value from the USA line, at least. Any one you find priced higher than retail is not really for sale, or someone fishing for a sucker...

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