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    MLB 2019 Season Thread

    It was expected by some that he would get around that amount.
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    I'm a dad

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    MLP Software Upgrade 03/14/19

    While I like the concept it leaves a lot of empty space on my monitor. Never mind.. found the button on the bottom of the screen., :cool:
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    No whites or men allowed! (Marvel said so)

    Yup... and if she wants to see more why doesn't she promote them and get them started in the first place?
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    MLP March 2019!

    I only use Audacity for light file/song file editing then I use Studio One V4 or Cakewalk V25 for my DAW. I found Cakewalk mentioned in another thread here and I tried it out. It's free for Windows and I really like it so far. Lots of features and well.. it's free.
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    MLP March 2019!

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    The Polar Vortex

    It's cold.. too damn cold.
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    Cooks - Let's see some good, simple recipes

    I would toss in two or three eggs and bake that then toss on some sour cream
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    Solid state HD, Computer upgrade

    I agree, an SSD will boost the performance of a PC/Laptop in a big way. I have one and it's really fast and reliable.
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    Students in Louisiana thought this math symbol looked like a gun. Police were called

    How does anyone get into any college and not know what that means is beyond my comprehension.
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    Erin's coming home

    She's in Atlanta and now she waits to go to Knoxville. She should land around 5:25PM
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    Erin's coming home

    I plan on it. We'll get something to eat when she gets home and relax.
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    Erin's coming home

    Erin has been on vacation to see her Mom in CA(Sacramento) since the 16th of Dec and today she's on her way home. God, I missed her so much and I can't wait to see her. I'm tracking the flight here Image Flight by jeff_farkas posted Jan 8...
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    NPD: DIgitech Polara.

    It's harder than I thought it would be so I have to memorize the locations of the settings.