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    How does classic 57’s stand up against other PAF replicas?

    From those what are you favorites?
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    Beauty of the burst book

    I have the paper back and it´s fine. The pics and histories are great.
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    What pickups are in your Les Pauls ?

    Wolfetones Dr. Vintages on both. Two on a "burst" and three in a custom.
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    Air conditioner broke me. It's 84 in my house

    84 is kind not that bad. Here in Brazil we got 98 easily. That´s a tought nigt without AC. Mandatory.
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    Gibson 2020 Junior or 80s Burny LJ-55?

    The price is the same? Tjhe Gibson. If the Burny is cheaper go for it and if you can try the chances are that the Burny can be better.
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    Is there a MIJ LP with "slim taper" type neck profile?

    My 1980 Burny FLG is on the thin side.
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    What amp do you recommend for a Les Paul?

    Orange and Marshalls
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    Did I just buy a custom-shop 80's Burny?

    Wonderful color. Never seen a Burny with this kinda tobacco burst. The pickups seem later Vh-1 ones. The spacing on the neck pickup is a bit shorter than the bridge one, like my Burny´s. Thos sound very good. Congrats for your guitar. Play the heck out of her.
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    Considering a Set of Wolfetones

    Bought my first Dr. V pair about eight years ago. NEver looked back. They just do what I need and sound killer. After that I bought another set and this year grabbed a spare one around and sticked in the middle of a custm LP. (originally two pickps, converted into a three one). They are awesome.
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    New vs. old strings

    It dependes on the brand. I love fresh Ernie Balls, but others brighter as D´ Addario´s needs a break in.
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    What's the big deal with Slash?

    His approach into solos, melody, creativity were the opposite of the late 80´s shredders. He made solos for the people and not for other musicians, that´s why non musicians love him.
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    1982 Les Paul Custom Black Beauty (supposedly) - Some weirdness here

    That´s a rosewood board, not ebony. So no Gibson.
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    Wolfetones vs Bare Knuckle vs Suhr?

    Altough I never played a Marshallhead, only dr. V´s I wouldn´t hesitate to recomend the Wolfetones.
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    Les Paul Scale Length

    On the exact 12th fret top.
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    This guy is outta this world

    I follow him for a long time. He´s a great player.

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