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    Who loves playing their Les Paul mellow and clean?

    I also enjoy hearing the voice of the actual guitar without being all muddied .
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    Johnny & Amber

    Pics please.....:naughty:
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    Jimmy Page's Stolen Les Paul Was Found

    Love these reunion stories. Frampton's story is still the best...
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    Arguments on the Backstage be like...

    WTF!!! :facepalm:
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    100 Greatest Guitarists According To Guitar World

    Too long of a list.. Don't care to read......I like Joe S. but he's all speed.... I'd rather hear BB king play two notes all day long...….JMO..
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    Show us your acoustic!

    What year is your G37? mine is a 79. I don't see too many of that model around.
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    Show us your acoustic!

    My Breedlove's and my guilds..
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    Another long rant about my "family"...Seriously WTF is wrong with people

    Sad story, but the truth is... god forbid when your mother passes, you can finally cut your sister off permanently…
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    Standard E tune but with flat B

    I have to wait 7 minutes to finally hear the lowered B string????? I give these lesson video's a couple minutes to get the point. Some of the guys drone on way to long before they get to the actual title of the video.
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    New LP Traditional or Trad Pro?

    Big Pro fan here..:thumbs:
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    Just Went to GC

    Are you still aloud to handle guitars in the store???
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    Will Kap find a home.

    Who gives a Ratts Ass?????
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    I've been wanting to name my Les Paul for a while.

    I would absolutely name that one, she is beautiful.... I named my LP Juliette, because my wife bought it for my on our 25th anniversary. While in the Islands that same time we came across as sea turtle laying eggs and watched her all night. She named the turtle Juliette so I came home and gave...
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    Dream Weaver.........

    Dream Weaver has to be heard on headphones to really apricate it.

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