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    Conversation with friend at Gibson USA

    Gibson used extensive CNC fabrication just like most any other guitar company these days. Their guitars may require more hand finishing than something like a Strat, I don’t know, but I’d argue that their guitars are made better now than ever, because of modern manufacturing. Lots of companies...
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    My latest Gibson (2018 Classic in Pelham Blue)

    I have a Pelham Blue SG. It’s a great color. Congrats.
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    Conversation with friend at Gibson USA

    Exactly, because corporate profit is a recent development. Pesky things like profit didn’t burden companies of yore. They operated out of the goodness of their hearts. Seriously, dude.
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    Beautiful morning.........

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    NGD - 2019 LP Classic Honeyburst

    Yeah? Silly choice.
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    NGD!. Gibson Standard 60s Unburst.

    Congrats! I’m looking at one of these myself.
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    NGD - Les Paul Special Tribute Worn White (CME exclusive)

    Looks very cool in that finish. HNGD!
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    Nitrocellulose questions

    Huh. My nitro guitars are super smooth right out of the box.
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    NGD - 2019 LP Classic Honeyburst

    Congrats. Mods? Why not just play your brand new professional grade instrument for awhile before swapping things out? :dunno:
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    NGD 2019 60’s Standard

    Congrats. She looks great.
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    Many .009 gauge LP players out there?

    I prefer .009's on my Lesters and SG's.
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    NGD - 60's Les Paul Standard - Bourbon Burst

    Very nice, congrats. I've been eying one of these myself.
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    Any MLP’ers Into Fasting?

    It's not a "new miracle diet." It's a lot closer to how humans ate those first couple of hundred thousand years than most diets around today, including the so-called standard American diet. Diabetes is out of control world wide. You can blame the excessive consumption of carbs as the primary...
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    Any MLP’ers Into Fasting?

    K Keto has been around for 100 years. It's as well-studied and documented as any way of eating.
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    Any MLP’ers Into Fasting?

    W Which companies and entities are backing the high carb way of eating? Carbs are killing people in this country and that's a fact. Denying it changes nothing. And the doctors who don't advocate for the keto diet are ignorant.

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