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    Mesa Boogie F50 combo

    Owned one of these back in their heyday. Very underrated Mesa. Clean Channel alone is worth the price of admission. Cranked it reminds me of 70s Brad Whitford (Aerosmith). GLWTS and a bump for ya!
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    Kill me! The defiling of a '54 GT

    Exactly. Anybody doing consignments , including Trogly, would need to be figuring in their cut as well. Just nutty on the initial pricing though- he's way off here. I'm not a Trogly basher nor do I take him for an authority from "on high" when it comes to Gibson. I watch him because I like to...
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    Gibson Demo Shop is Killin It

    Considering these are one offs, very limited and most sell within hours, they are not missing any sales from outside the USA. The only people missing out are potential customers overseas.
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    Kill me! The defiling of a '54 GT

    Yikes. The guitar *IS* a consignment, so I'm guessing the owner had final say on pricing, but no doubt Trogly had some influence there, and yeah....for that butcher job, that's about 10-15K too much.
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    10" speakers for modeling amps

    I appreciate everyone's input, Thank You! Unfortunately I don't have any need/use for the powered versions (and space is at a premium in my temporary living quarters) This would go into a CODE 25 which is my new practice amp (again... I had one for a bit that my Son took to college a few...
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    Help with an OLD Dimarzio.

    There were many clones or copies of double hex pole dimarzios used in the old MIJ guitars. Ibanez had a pretty famous one, the V2, which was in many Destroyers and such of the early 1980s. my 1981 DT400 had them. I had a MIJ BC Rich that had a similar look to yours posted above that were SuperD...
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    Any thoughts on the Dimarzio PAF Master?

    Yep the original DP103 (PAF) is the best thing Larry ever did* when it comes to "PAF". I used those in a fair # of guitars back in the 1980s. I have not tried the new 59s though, yet. *Barring those actual PAF rewinds he did for Hamer in the 70s. If you've ever played an old Hamer with one...
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    I'm shocked and amazed.

    I'm not a true believer in 50s wiring. I did that for about 15 years and It has it's advantages, and it's disadvantages. I've gone back to modern wiring (with quality measured pots and caps). FWIW, my 2K5 R8 had modern wiring and I would never have touched it. Sonic Orgasm right out of the case.
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    The PAF sound?

    I think these may be the best sounding pickups Gibson have done in decades, but I didn't mention them because they are not available except from someone who sells them out of a guitar. I love my set, and I keep trying to find something better, and they keep going back into the guitar. That...
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    Kill me! The defiling of a '54 GT

    I watched this last night. I kind of like it, in theory. Reminds me of a Hamer. Love the color and the stinger. Of course the mods are not done to a highly professional level and that is unfortunate. When the guy bought it, it was just a used guitar. Not a holy grail. And he modded it to get...
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    Light weight 50's Standard?

    My Slash 50s is 8.75 pounds (before pickguard). Naturally It's got a pretty taught piano like big bass and is clear as a bell but not harsh. Its got some beef in the high end and clarity in the low end. For my tastes it sounds better with pickups on the hotter end of the spectrum. I had two...
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    This guy deserves a Sig Les Paul

    Agreed features are where it's at for me too. Thus, why I own a Slash 50s. But I'm not talking about what is good business sense here. I simply feel Dave deserves some Love from Gibson and has earned it. Especially considering the questionables that are getting sig models now. A hundred custom...
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    This guy deserves a Sig Les Paul

    No doubt. But this is all about DESERVES. Not Buzz. Making my case here- not arguing....... Plenty of people get Gibson sigs who don't really deserve them. Not knowing all that much about Cantrell other than the very first AIC album, and seeing JC sig G&L's in catalogs in the past 10 years...
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    This guy deserves a Sig Les Paul

    I get what you are saying, but If they can reissue Slash's fake as a Gibson, I don't see why they can't do Dave's.
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    This guy deserves a Sig Les Paul

    It had some kind of irreparable neck twist. Gibson had to re-neck it.

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