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    Bogner La Grange - opinions

    Had a blue no issue- have a LaGrange, no issues. They are both easy to dial in great tones. Though it may take some fiddling to find "your" sound. I have owned a lot of the high end MIAB pedals and IME Bogner is at the very top, and better than most other "hyped" new flavor of the month MIAB...
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    NPD: Echoplex

    Oh yeah. I've run it in every combo of dip switch, at 9v, at 18v, just the battery, you name it.
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    NPD: Echoplex

    I own the Dunlop e- pre and the xotic ep boost. they both sound very different from each other and neither do an actual echoplex justice. They both are nice clean type boosts though. The most authentic recreation I have come.across is the pre in the Belle Epoch (catalinbread).
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    P.A.F. Pickup Secrets: How the Parts are Made

    Lmao. This thread just keeps on giving.
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    T-Top suggestions please

    Duncan 59s out of the box are definitely non-descript. Back in the early to mid 80s they were a really nice sounding set of pickups. They have changed over the decades though. They respond very well to magnet swaps however. I've had fantastic luck with several combos including a short a5 in the...
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    Best year for Tributes

    My 2018 beat out my higher prices models for the #1 spot, but I don't feel the year is as important as the individual instrument is (tho certainly some years may be more desirable for certain features). Interestingly, my 2018 came with a pair of 490s instead of a 498/490. I've rewired it...
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    T-Top suggestions please

    Well if you decide to go the T Top clone route. You can do no better than James' wares.. I know because I own a set. World Class pickups.
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    who knows the mesa f30?

    I had the F50 and I tried the 30 extensively before choosing the F50 (and later on figured I would have been better off with the 30 for my tonal and volume needs) They are like any other MESA- gotta spend a little time dialing it in. I found the cleans and edge of breakups fantastic, the drives...
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    Emerson Customs vs RS pre-wired kits

    I've had both. I'd say the pots in the RS are more stout. Really easy to mess up the Emerson pots putting knobs on. Otherwise it's just pref in taper and caps. They both are good.
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    Marshall Origin 50w h/c and 20w Head Thread

    It's an EVH 2x12 with G12M20s .
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    Marshall Origin 50w h/c and 20w Head Thread

    Here are a couple clips of my 20H if anyone cares. 70s crunch. No pedals, no boost. Excuse some of the goofs, please :) Just noodling.
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    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    I never got along with any of my Laney amps back in the mid-late 80s. I had a 50W head, 30W combo, and the worst POS was the Jackson (guitars) 50W (with fuzzy carpet instead of tolex) that Laney ghost built for Jackson . Their cabs were nice, but never could bond with those amps. Not sure why...
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    How consistent have LP Classic neck profiles been over the years?

    I would say they probably have been the most consistent over the years. Whereas 50s profiles vary from rounded and smallish to rounded and approaching R7/R8 size. The taper is always different too on the 50s necks. Some like my 2014 Trad do not vary greatly from nut to neck join and are thick...
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    50's Neck Rounded Neck Guitars in current catalog

    Yep, my 2014 Trad is approaching r7/8 size