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    Made in US Epiphone Casino

    These were a sneak peak, not a launch; more detailed info is targeted for this summer.
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    Sick As A Dog

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    My connection with Rush, and how it has affected my life...

    Wow, so much richness and good vibes here. Thanks so much for this. As has been noted elsewhere... you are a tease!
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    African Movie Posters

    Do you imagine yourself an African White Space Christ?
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    David Lee Roth Las Vegas Residency- WTF??

    But the Sammy-era wasn't my point, that being: there was time to reconcile and reboot post-Sammy, where they both maintained some prowess. Keep Ed sober, productive on the edge of genius, and leverage Dave's vocals and more expansive world view before he deteriorated. DLR needn't have explored...
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    David Lee Roth Las Vegas Residency- WTF??

    So sad about this, and Eddie. Between the two of them and their issues, personally and with each other, the loss of time... what might have been. What they might have been able to deliver.
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    Neil Peart died

    To be clear they retired [last tour 2015, official announcement 2018] because of his physical limitations NOT brain cancer: tendons, ligaments and musculature … too much effort and pain to maintain his self-imposed level of excellence. Brain cancer came after they stopped touring, circa 2017...
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    Neil Peart died

    RIP Neil - When we are young Wandering the face of the earth Wondering what our dreams might be worth Learning that we're only immortal For a limited time [video=youtube_share;jz1CdqmBC4A] He's got a road map of Jupiter A radar fix on the stars All along the highway She's got a...
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    Phil X is now a Gibson artist/endorsee/whatever it is called... : P

    There's a tune analyzer that searches for known songs; they don't want to get taken to task for copyright, and have the video taken down. Many players dance around the shape of a song versus play it for that purpose.
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    Well Dressed or Original?

    Tone first, covers in general... but Classic ceramics were meant stay AS-IS
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    I Can See Into The Future... It’s Not In The Cards...

    Holding out for the Ouija Tele at $57k... with the planchette pick and dowsing rod e-bow. [I guess after those Game of Thrones Customs, anything is game...]
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    David Lee Roth Las Vegas Residency- WTF??

    Oh, well. Sad. I saw other videos, this isn't an abnormality. Pray it's a bad night. If not, he needs to immediately just stop. He's supposed to tour after the residency. Ugh. p.s. he's also reported that Ed's very sick, seemingly knockin' on...
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    Surveillance video of Epstein cell on night of 1st alleged suicide attempt deleted

    "Ah-h-h, we are pleased to report the royal disinformation campaign has worked so swimmingly..."
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    Epic night.........

    Enjoy that sunny day.