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    Time for a mundane thread...

    I somehow gained 7 pounds over the past month or so. Time to hit the gym.
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    NGD! New Gretsch Day!!

    I love my Gretsch Electromatic. Really great lineup of guitars for the price.
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    The Social Dilemma...

    I've had a FB account ever since the days where it was only offered to certain colleges, and you had to have a .edu email address to use it (early 00s). Back then, it truly was a tool to communicate and keep in touch with people. It has devolved over time to be a facilitator of mob mentality and...
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    The weekend is imminent, and I'm out of bourbon. I recently tried the Costco Kirkland and really like it. When I mixed my first drink, I did not realize that it was 103 proof! It's got a nice bite to it. -Jay
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    Top wrapping on my Custom really changed the feel, and I like it more. Changed the brass nut on my 2015 Junior to the titanium replacement made it brighter. I like bright guitars. -Jay
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    Cracklings pots on new 60th anniversary ‘59 les Paul

    Take it back to the store and get it replaced under warranty. It doesn't matter if it happens to other guitars. If it bothers you, then get it fixed. -Jay
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    In Omaha it was 100 degrees on Sunday and a high of 50 on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had to change our heat pump from cooling to the heating setting. -Jay
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    If you REALLY know your LP on

    Have you taken out the pickups and looked at them? Do they appear to be factory Gibson? Does one of the pickups seem to be a different make/model than the other? I know pickups can be swapped, but maybe just something to check. -Jay
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    My neighbor's house almost burned down a couple weeks ago. I thought about mowing his lawn for him but decided I was too lazy.
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    1967 GT500 Replica ....WOw

    wowza... and they make a Bullitt version? When do I win Powerball?
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    Is this the future of clubbing/live music post-lockdown in the UK!

    I would be willing to go through that stuff to see a concert. Date nights for my wife and me (used to?) consist of dinner and concerts. Social distancing in front of the stage might actually enable me to get closer to the band, because the wife never liked being in close quarters with strangers...
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    social security

    I'm the same age and have the exact same retirement investment philosophy. SS is a scam, and I won't see a dime from the decades I will have paid into it.
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    NGD - 2020 Les Paul Special

    I like how you can see the wood grain through the finish. Nice guitar! -Jay
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    We paid off the house.

    Jealous... We just refinanced down to a 15 year at 2.5% but hope to pay it off faster. -Jay
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    Time for a mundane thread...

    I live in Nebraska, where it is consistently 90+ degrees out in July and August. I never water my lawn. Ever. It still grows. Science! -Jay

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