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    Strange GC experience

    buy a used one here and it will be way better
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    Another damn “froggy” newcomer

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    Rant: R9's are too flamey

    Not too bad I hope.
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    MLP Thread Hall of Fame

    I nominate anything from a classic fella: Sable nuff said
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    Elitist with no logo

    Weird. everything seems correct. the case is the right size and style. I would check the pickups. if they are original then you know.
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    Musical Instrument Manufacturer Rebates.

    8-20 weeks is common.
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    Wife is meeting dad for first time right now

    she may be a roller-coaster for the next couple weeks. Just do your best to remember that.
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    Question re: Les Paul Elitist

    This is a hot topic and the hot side of the answer seems to be that they are all veneer, even if it appears it isnt.....
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    Who is the earliest MLP member...

    I haven't seen boles in a long time. Dice man seems to have vanished also.
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    DGN Paragon Special OX4 $1100

    that's good looking!
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    DGN Paragon Special OX4 $1100

    I don't see any pictures. Did the COA card give you the specs? usually has the materials written down. Dan Neafsey is a member here.
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    Question re: Les Paul Elitist

    It might be time to start listing mine on ebay with a finely worded ad.
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    Epiphone Elitist MAP

    WOW! quite a bump in price (probably a reflection of VAT). For an out the door price, at conversion, you're looking at $1800+ USD.... Quite a bit more than they could be grabbed for here at that same time.
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    2014 Les Paul Standard Plus w/Gorgeous flame burst top!

    Honestly wish I was flush. havent had a job yet.
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    Epiphone Elitist MAP

    One of the many posts I refer to. some british guitar site: Hi there, I have in my possession a Les Paul Elite by Epiphone. I bought this guitar new maybe 10 years ago but I am not sure 100%. If I remember correctly it retailed for over £1000 but I paid about £750 I believe.

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