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    2017 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 1960 Les Paul MF Spec

    OK, i'll give some thoughts. 1st . Do you like the guitar ? Do you like the price ? since that is relative to who is paying for it . Did you look at the Dark Burst on that page listing ? It's is a lighter weight , which I like with a LP . IMO , it's an average top (both) but acceptably nice ...
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    FS: RARE 2010 Gibson Historic Les Paul 1960 Standard Reissue VOS '60 R0 Ebony / Black - UPGRADES & OHSC!

    I'll give tis a bump , since I'm here and still own 1 of these beauties .... IIRC these were a SA exclusive , But that was many years ago ,so I may be wrong (mine is a 2009) . Great guitar and don't come up often these days .... I'm not sell mine ,,, ever . It was my 1st. R0 so it's really...
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    NGD...2013 R0, the Catalog guitar

    Yup , I did ... Looks to be in great condition too ... Nice to see it again Those are some fantastic pics .:applause:
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    This is why we cannot have Brazilian Rosewood any more

    OK , having seen this post(while I logged in to reply to am PM) I felt a need to add something to the mix . Much of what is posted in the OP's link is correct , but I'd add, the link is Very non specific to the amounts of wood (which I think is very important ) And , what is left out , is WHY...
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    Sorry, i couldn't get back sooner . Lost Internet service for 2 days ,due to a very large & close Lightning strike(total of 3 within 30 minutes). Which is normal here. Although the power supply has gotten better over the last few years . this strike was 1 that was close enough that it made the...
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    Sorry to here that , I've had that happen also .. PITA ,Bigtime . I wouldn't' say I'm back , as i was just looking around yesterday and saw your post and have kind of moved on. it got very bring here and so many repeated questions about the same thing over and over again ... But I wanted to...
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    What are your favorite strings for your historics?

    Thanks for the kind words , That's not bad ,,,when you look at buying strings from where I am now .... Shipping and Customs TAX to Brazil(most everything is 60%) ~ doubles ,or more the cost of everything (they add the shipping cost to the total value to tax you at ,,, Nice ... What is...
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    WOW , Hey guys:wave: .I've been on a very long vacation lol!!!! and pretty busy down here in Brazil the last~ 2 years .(Carnival starts tonight :cheers2:) .... Sure , You can post those vids , if you still have them and want to . I have no issue with that what so ever ,So feel Free .... I'm...
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    So I accidentally played a 2015 True Historic the other day.

    This gives a bit more info direct from the source , take the time to read it ,,,,
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    So I accidentally played a 2015 True Historic the other day.

    OP , I own a 2015 TH ..2nd best LP I have ... To answer your question , YES(buy it before someone else does) if it works for you ... Why pass on the best LP you've ever played ..For something less ?? $$$ isn't always the point .... It sure helps , but , but ,it isn't /shouldn't be the only...
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    Wildwood Spec 60th Anniversary ‘59

    WW is a fine store , no doubt (I've bought a couple from them) . BUT , I like paying less ... When I was buying guitars that is ....If the store is good and it has what you want ...for less , I buy it .... I's not like you are MARRIED to 1 store . Good thing I still love my 2015 TH R0 ... I...
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    Wildwood Spec 60th Anniversary ‘59

    I did read what you posted ..... I replied to what you posted ... And now there are other "things" I'm Sorry I should have known when you wrote "Various Issues" and then described a bunch of them that was it ... The "etc"... part, I should have known were the Important things .... Makes...
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    My R8 has stiff pots... Is it safe to lube them?

    Depends on what the problem is .... If you use "contact cleaner " use "Deoxit D5" work great . If the pot needs Lube ( If any of you have opened up a "new" CTS pot you will find a RED lube in there. So It is Lubed by the maker . This is a proprietary made lube and can not be bought . I tried...
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    Wildwood Spec 60th Anniversary ‘59

    :slap::slap::slap::beer: WTF???? You bought 2 NEW R9's . 1 with a cracked PG and didn't complain to the seller about it ???? Really ???? I recall buying a NEW Gibson years ago (don't recall which 1 right now) But it didn't have the PG in the case as it should .After talking with Gibson on the...
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    What factors influenced you to buy your Historic?

    Neck size , top , and GAS (plus having the $$$$$ ) :naughty:

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