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    Name a Les Paul maker better than Gibson

    Stretched out and laying on the couch is a 2018 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor-II Pro Archtop,, hen left to right... - 2022 Squier Classic Vibe 60s Jazzmaster - 2022 Epiphone SG Modern Figured (in unique Trans Red) - 2020 Epiphone Les Paul Modern Figured - 2011 Ibanez GA35TCE Thinline Classical...
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    Name a Les Paul maker better than Gibson

    These days I am very partial to the new Gibson/Epiphone management decision to revamp some of Epiphone's models under a new "Inspired by Gibson" (IBG) marketing label. I have owned or still own several Epiphone models in this series... the Firebird, the ES-339 (much better built than their...
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    Let's see your play-worn Lesters!

    Thanks Tollie... Here's "the rest of the story"... Back in the 70s I started smoking pot when I was 14 years old. I got into a lot of trouble in the next few years and I had tried all kinds of drugs, not just pot. Long about when I was 17 I had a girlfriend break up with me over the phone and...
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    Anybody enjoy their Studio more than other LPs?

    Instead of Gibby Studios, I have been leaning for years toward Epiphone Les Pauls. Especially their recent "Inspired by Gibson" (IBG) series... - Epiphone IBG '59 Les Paul Standard - Epiphone IBG Les Paul Modern Figured. Both new for much less than a new Studio these days... both made in...
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    Stupid simple delay pedals

    If you can get a used first generation TC Electronic Flashback Delay... get that... the v2 models have 3 toneprint slots and they changed the switch to a MASH switch (no need to know what any of that stuff is...) The v1 Flashback had an ingenious way to do tap tempo. Most delays with with...
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    Let's see your play-worn Lesters!

    Here's my 1980 Gibson Les Paul Artisan. I have owned it since it was brand new, ordered for $925.60 from Marshall Music in Lansing, Michigan. I insisted when it came in I was to be the one that popped the staples on the box from Gibson. I ordered it with $100 down in June of 1980, and it arrived...
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    Does a goldtop sound different than an IDENTICAL LP with regular nitro?

    Especially with Fender Strats it has been known in all the unicorn lands that if it has a Red finish it has more "vintage" tone than Black or Olympic white... but the Super Fairy mostest bestest tone is from reliced 3-color sunburst models that need to cost exactly $3,247.66 and were sent to...
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    Ya Gotta Hate Them Norlins! NOT!

    For the sake of Norlin love... here is my 1980 Les Paul Artisan... my first "real" guitar when I was a senior in high school. I still have this guitar... complete with self-played realrelic finish (not reliced, BTW... PLAYED) - yes, heavy as hell 13lbs 6oz... log log log... Note the oval-shaped...
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    NGD 1979 Gibson “The Paul”

    Pretty sure The Paul came with Dirty Fingers pups... or maybe a different year, different pups... But the Dirty Fingers pups sounded awesome... great value of this era LP
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    Ya Gotta Hate Them Norlins! NOT!

    For that much money I could have 23 x $500 Epiphones that AREN'T factory seconds...
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    Let's See Your Favorite Les Paul in 2022!

    Since everything with the Gibson logo is way way way out of my disabled and living on social security income bracket... My hat is tipped to the Epiphone '59 Les Paul Standard model... Burstbuckers, CTS pots... all the good stuff for about $3,000 less... works for me... and for the $5k-sh a nbew...
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    Gibson laying off staff ??

    I can only hope Guitar Center does finally go out of business... ...oh, woops, wrong thread... haha (not really, I just hate Guitar Center ad hope all the rumors that have circulated for over a decade actually come true and they do go out of business...)
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    My old 535Q has gone mental, what new wahs are around

    Go buy you a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah and never worry about wahs again for the rest of your life. Plus it is versatile with the side switch, etc... IMHO the best wah made, period... but it'll cost you more that the cheap Chinese-made Dunlop stuff... but you'll never need to replace it...
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    Epiphone Les Paul Standard 60's - I am so done with Gibson I think

    I've been playing guitar since 1975 (and now at 60yo, disabled and will never be able to afford a Gibson, and don't want one...) and so far on layaway or some type of stretched payments, I have been able t buy and am completely happy with several of the Epiphone new line up of "Inspired by...
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    90s Les Paul or a new Standard?

    Several other folks have already said "try before you buy"... I personally wouldn't spend 4kGBP on an axe I have never plugged in, played and tried. To me (pesonally) that would be insane. Next, I try to buy "used" because, well for one thing Gibson's prices are through the roof (IMHO) and...

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