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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    Jizz FAP Cumbuckers. Double Cream
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    Greco EG59-75 or EG900 for the same price?

    EG59-75 and it isn’t close. Villager is right.
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    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    ‘79 Tokai LS80. Faber locking bridge. Wizz PAFs.
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    90’s era MIC short run guitar.
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    Highest model Fresher LP

    That is probably a ‘78-79 based on the headstock logo. Made by Chushin Gakki. The headstock logo changed in ‘79 and ‘80. Pancake construction was standard on low to mid tier models all the way through the early 80’s. If it is solid top and one or two piece back (not pancake) that was reserved...
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    Highest model Fresher LP

    I have an ‘81 FL-450 Leo Nine as well just like the catalogue shows. Pancake body. I would guess that they got a nice cease and desist with the “Les Paul Model” on the headstock after one year in 1980.
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    Highest model Fresher LP

    The best comp for this guitar is the 1980 Burny FLG line. The FLG-90 was veneer topped similar to a Greco 850 but the FLGs were sometimes one piece bodies at that price point. A Fresher FL-800 would likely be veneer top as well. For solid topped, the FLG Burny line jumped to 150 and 240. Usually...
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    NGD: Greco EGF-850 1980 Refinish

    That looks amazing. Love those old 850-1200 series guitars. They really nailed those. The Duncan’s are great but shame it doesn’t still have the PU-2 pickups. Those are phenomenal stock pickups.
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    “NGD” INCOMING!!!!

    I had an ‘82 EG-600 Ace that was pretty darn cool. Enjoy it!
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    For those who have tried all/most MIJ Les Pauls

    Played and owned all the brands you mentioned there. Your two qualifiers are budget ($1500) and one that won’t yellow over time. I personally like the off white cream color that a lot of the Burny and Greco customs from ‘80-85 had going on. Tokai customs in that vintage seem to come up much less...
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    2nd Greco Mint Collection Score this Month

    Magnet swaps on Screamin pickups can yield some great results. Nice MC!
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    Best MIJ Les Paul Custom 1954 R4 Reissue (P-90s)?

    Like this? Edwards E-LP-92CD/P Likely a dark stained rosewood neck but probably a nice guitar at a 1/4 the price of that Navigator and from the same company.
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    Mid Seventies Greco any good :-)

    I think you just misunderstood me so it’s all good. My original response to the OP was that this was lower spec. You said it wasn’t which is fine but I wanted to clarify that saying it is lower spec wasn’t a knock on the guitar itself just an observation that in the world of Greco this is a...
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    Mid Seventies Greco any good :-)

    Lower spec wasn’t a slam on this guitar or even a comparison to other Greco guitars from that year. It doesn’t have to be a bolt on neck to be lower spec. There are about 10-12 easy things to point to that Greco vastly improved upon in about 5 years time. The ‘79-82 vintage was the peak of their...
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    FS: 2016 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Historic Reissue

    Beauty. That won’t last long at that fair price. GLWTS!

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