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    Even the 2 day old images are still complete bunk. Funny how the 4K HD cams never pick up anything of interest. :laugh2:
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    Leather Guitar Strap Suggestions

    Italia Leather Straps. They're a vendor here, always have great discounts and bogo deals, and their straps are beautiful. I have several, and currently waiting on delivery for 2 more.
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    McGregor vs. Cerrone tonight

    They let Tyson bite? Come on, man, he was disqualified from the fight and lost his boxing license (for a time). Comparing MMA to pro wrestling is laughable, and only serves to show that your understanding of the sport is minimal. Of course, you're entitled to your opinion on it, but unlike many...
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    my guitar journey

    The easiest way I find to memorize a song is to just not memorize it. Sounds stupid or lazy, but all I do is memorize a few key parts to the song, like the main riff or certain parts of a solo, and then just noodle around and call it "jamming". :laugh2: Seriously though, I only play for fun and...
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    McGregor vs. Cerrone tonight

    I saw photos of McGregor, he's jacked now. My prediction is that he'll gas out even quicker now and Cowboy will win by KO or TKO in the 2and or 3rd round.
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    Arguably the best performance at NAMM

    I've just recently started listening to some of his stuff. Really, really good. I dig him.
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    Sellers Rant ! Idiot buyers with stupid questions !

    Why am I selling? Pretty simple really, I would just prefer to have your cash instead of my guitar. Why are you buying? I bet it has something to do with you preffering to have my guitar instead of your cash. It's like it was meant to be!
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    Delete Account

    I bet if he receives one more email, iguana burst at the seams.
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    Delete Account

    You know what would be really fun? Make the MLP software send more emails to anybody that comes here bitching about the occasional ones. It'd be perpetual fun... "I'm so sick of receiving these emails, delete my account!" BAM! Another email is sent. "This is ridiculous, I ask to delete my...
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    And another thing. All these puns....

    :applause: Well done, @cjpeck Made me laugh out loud.
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    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    Sorry, got a little butt hurt there.
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    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    Watch it, mister. Last time a guy spoke to me like that, I damned near rectum.
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    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    No really, I mean, I bent over backwards to get that flight.
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    Can't Wait to Visit Kansas City!!!

    Yeah, I was really dragging my ass.